<em>Bottom of the River</em> <em>Bottom of the River</em>
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Bottom of the River

The latest video for the Canadian band Tom Fun Orchestra from the duo Alasdair Brotherston and Jock Mooney (we featured their previous piece here a couple of months ago). This one, done in a moody silouette style, was just nominated for a UK VMA award.

  • Ryan

    Ooh, really can’t decide which one I like more. Wonder if they’ll be putting out a CD/DVD set, like They Might Be Giants do?

  • Thanks for posting this, Jerry. The band members are friends of mine, and I love their animated clips.

    They also have a clip for the song Watchmaker, which has a bit of that Norman McLaren painted-on-film feel.

  • This is Great. I never tire of well done silhouettes. I like the faint flicker of texture in the ettes” also. Very nice.