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“Bounce Bounce” by Hayley Morris

Brooklyn-based Hayley Morris created this richly textured underwater fantasia for Hilary Hahn and Hauschka‘s song “Bounce Bounce.” The evocative tide pool creatures were created with fabric, yarn, papier-mâché and driftwood, the latter used to make the wooden bird. The disparate materials that Hayley uses are united with an electric color palette and swaying shadows–all animated by hand under the camera. More details about the video and the musicians can be found in this IFC article.

  • Beautiful style! Love the energy and handmade quality.

  • That was friggin awesome.

  • Reminds me of the Institute For Figuring’s Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef, I’m sure they’d love to know about this if they don’t already.

  • GhaleonQ

    Only high-quality animation should back the best populist classicist (Hahn) and 1 of the best classicist populists (Hauschka). I’m glad it made it here!