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“Davy Crockett in Outer Space”

Davy Crockett

Tiny Inventions, a Brooklyn-based animation studio run by husband-and-wife team Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata, recently created a fun and charming music video for Playhouse Disney called “Davy Crockett in Outer Space.” The song is by They Might Be Giants, and they co-directed the piece with designer/illustrator David Cowles. Max and Ru have also created a detailed “making of” blog post that shows all the hand-crafted effort that went into the production.

  • Wow, that was pretty good! =) I like that they used the theme from the old Disney show. That almost sounds like it would make a good TV show…

    (And I see they’re drinking Tang, the drink of astronauts)

  • Really nice video! It’s great to see something with so many handmade elements. I love the cold war bearfight with the cotton ball dust cloud.

  • Fred Cline

    Lots of fun. Good job, Max and Ru. Thanks for posting this, Amid.

  • Dave Levy

    congrats Ru and Max!
    Your DIY spirit emobidies the best of the NYC animation scene.
    rock on!

  • Thanks for all the nice comments and thanks for posting, Amid. It was a fun project to make and working with David Cowles was a blast. You can also download/embed the video at:

  • Nice! Did you guys rotoscope Flash onto a chalkboard?

  • phil

    check out their blog for some techniques they did

    Great stuff!

  • Martin

    That’s pretty cool, Your Friend the Rat anyone?