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“Do the Devo” by Nicholas Chatfield-Taylor

Nicholas Chatfield-Taylor’s new music video “Do the Devo” is a frame-by-framer’s delight. Chatfield-Taylor directed the piece for Unstoppable Death Machine during a 22-day residency at the Clocktower Gallery in Manhattan where over 160 people helped him draw frames. To catch all the creative (and NSFW) things happening in the video, make sure to switch the settings to high-def because the compression is awful on the default version.

(via Animal New York)

  • christy

    that is awesome!

  • ari

    animation all ways can use more cartoon weiners. really, really, really did it for me

  • hypnotique.
    Forever Devo.
    What to do with an art gallery in 2012.
    Make art don’t look at it.


  • Very cool. Nice to see someone playing around and having fun animation

  • richard fox

    the creative mind

  • richard fox

    the creative mind left uncensored will induce the less
    sophisticated into a mock euphoric state and eventually lead
    to total anarchy and paraorgasmic nonparadigms.