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Michael Fragstein directed this video for the group Vania and the Master. It looks even better in High Def. Fragstein produced it through German design firm Büro Achter April, and concieved it with artists Vânia Oliveira and Moritz Reichartz All three animated the piece.

  • Iritscen

    Relaxed weirdness. A fun thing to watch at the start of the day. Also a good reminder that I need to mow my lawn.

  • Andre

    I really really loved it ! I always tend to skip parts of the tons of animation I watch online but I must say I enjoyed and watched from the 1st frame to the last. The art and overall mood matches the music so well.

  • Reminds me in mood and style of the music vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5J-WpgOzW9A, which is a very good thing in my opinion.