“Got Me A Beard” by The Beards “Got Me A Beard” by The Beards
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“Got Me A Beard” by The Beards

This charming music video for the Australian bearded folk-rock quartet The Beards (who only perform songs about beards) was written and directed by Chris Edser with Joshua Fielder, Joel McMillan and Tom Bettany, Michael Bidstrup. Funny song, funny animation. Enjoy!

  • Christopher Smigliano

    Well, that was a twist.. Or would it be a braid? Beware the hair.

  • Nick Allott

    I like it :)>

  • gervart

    right, time to grow a beard

  • http://barryrodges.com Barry Rodges

    I highly approve of this!

  • http://www.frankpanucci.com Frank Panucci

    Started good, then got great. Loved the end. It has a strong FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS thing going on. It sounds like an anthem for closeted gays.

  • http://dailygrail.com/ Red Pill Junkie

    And the hirsute shall inherit the Earth!

  • http://animationhardtofind.blogspot.com GW

    I liked the song and the video but this band’s concept is going to get old fast.

  • http://sparklepony.blogspot.com Peteykins

    GW is right, of course, but this hits the spot. Hilarious pacing and escalation, great design, funny song. What’s not to like?