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“Heart of The Country” clip from Paul McCartney

Nothing like having Paul McCartney tweet your latest viral animation. It’s speculated that this mysterious (and delightful) piece is tied into promoting the line of vegetarian products for Linda McCartney Foods. Paul is a longtime fan and supporter of animation – but the director of the video has yet to be identified. C’mon, whoever you are, fess up!

UPDATE – I knew my plea would get results. The animation is by Jordan Bruner.

  • Hmm looks like clean & tidy Gina Thorstensen and Nacho Rodriguez

  • This version of the song is a new one. It is not the original recording from RAM.

    • Doug

      Yeah, it sounds like it wasn’t made all that long ago either. Its the more haggard Paul voice (sounds like Live Springsteen ugh), as opposed to the sweet voiced Paulie from Ram. Can’t top that version IMO.

  • I love it, the style is very unique and the animation is fun to watch. The song is a new version as well, I’d love to find out more about this. :)

  • Looks like Jordan Bruner.

    • It is indeed the work of my very talented sister, Jordan Bruner.

      • Thanks for the ID, Richard and Barry. I’ve updated the post.

        • Carolyn Bates

          Thanks for posting! Beautiful, charming video. Gorgeous reel.

  • Great looking commercial! Is it wrong I was eating chicken while watching it though?

  • vicki bruner

    amazing piece of work….
    should win an emmy!

  • Kennah Harcum

    So cool.
    Every video I’ve seen of Jordan’s has been a delight!

  • ShouldBeWorkin’

    Lovely animation and homage to Linda.
    Original here for the youngsters who’ve never heard it:

  • I’ve know the multi-talented genius Jordan Bruner since she was a child and always knew she would go far. LOVE this!

  • Shazbot

    Wish they sold the food in the USA. Those veggie sausage rolls look pretty good.

  • virus

    Great animation, rotten song. Just heard a half hour of free advertising on the BBC (Radio 4), promoting Macca’s vegetarian tosh. Why does he always sound more insincere than Tony B Liar? One can’t help wondering if Macca had anything to do with the horse meat that ended up in the UK food chain, lol. All very conveniently timed. Promoting vegetarianism is one thing, having a hugely lucrative business running on the back of it is morally dubious when using his fame to lobby world leaders.