<em>Hidden In The Sand</em> <em>Hidden In The Sand</em>
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Hidden In The Sand

Well made retro-cartoons are always welcome here. Steve Loter (Kim Possible, Ren & Stimpy) directed this sweet video off Tally Hall’s album Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum:

  • That was great. Well done, short and sweet and the song was nice too.
    thanks for showing this one.

  • Steve Loter

    Big credit goes to our tiny but dedicated crew-

    Art direction by John Loter

    Animation by Allison Craig and David Gerhard

    Edited by Sean Coyle

    Produced by Loter Inc.

  • Waffles

    I agree – it is a nice song. However, the animation style (smears, Flash and so on) did not exist in the 30’s so it’s a little incongruous.

  • That was awesome! Three things:

    1.) SUPER-EASY to play on ukulele. I’m already strumming along
    2.) The guy in the top hat looks an awful lot like an Osamu Tezuka character to me– specifically Butaro Makeru aka Dr. Laughton. Clever homage or the result of generations of everyone copying everyone else’s stuff?
    3.) What’s with the “Wouldn’t the world be better off…?” reversed bit at the end? Was that you and your crew, Steve, or Tally Hall?

  • toongirl

    Wow. So Cool! I love the bird!

  • Love the music and the style. Great!

  • VT

    I’ve been waiting on this video for some time now. The band and it’s style of music just felt right with animation.

    @Mike Toole
    the reverse line at the end is straight from the record. Their first and only album so far involves alot of little sound tricks like that.

  • This short is just too cool. Thanks for posting.

  • Great job one and all! I loved when the cat got nervous and ate up the mice in panic, and is still bobbing to the tune!

  • Paul

    Tally Hall is a fantastic band, and I encourage everyone here to listen to their album. It’s one of my favorite CDs from the past few years.

    You guys might be interested in this video as well – it’s for another song of theirs, using some very cool puppetry:

  • Jason

    um..”Sweet”? This was pretty grim. Feh.

  • Keith Paynter

    Grinning from ear to ear. They do make ’em like they used to.

    Great post, Jerry.

  • Great animated video.

    I love how it compliments the music so well… seems as if the music were made for the animation, instead of the opposite.

    I can’t believe that something that good was made by such a small crew of folks.

    Great Job, Loter Inc.!


  • I love the music Steve! Thanks for sharing!

  • Ian Pugh

    That was really cool. I love how it goes from innocent old cartoon to horrific. What a twist!

  • Gerard de Souza

    It’s as if Segar and John Held Jr. made a cartoon. Clever music interpretation rather than illustrating the lyrics.

  • Janet

    That cat makes me laugh every time I watch it. I also like how the ship holds her breath while she’s going down.

  • Nick Filippi

    Love It! The song is great, the design and animation are awesome. I catch something else every time I watch it. Love the ensuing chaos over the serene sounds.

  • Andy Ice

    It’s great ! I was surprised to see Steve ( and company) capture the flavor of a bygone animation age, as most of his work is so contemporary.
    Lots of fun. Well done !

  • Joanie Ingram

    Really great. It took me back to the Bosco cartoons I watched as a kid.

  • Cliff Ingram

    The animated choreography couldn’t have gone better with the music. Wow!!

  • Awesome! Made my day watching it – wish more cartoons like this were made.

  • Bob McKnight

    I’m Looking foreward in seeing more fun stuff like this from you guys. Great job.

  • Mike Johnson

    What a great video! Really fits the song and looks fantastic! Well done Steve and crew!

    On a side note, Tally Hall is one of the most under-appreciated bands out there, which is a real shame. Though it is not animated, the video for their song “Bananaman” is one of the most bizarre, joyous and unforgettable things you may ever witness!

    Check it out here:


  • Paul Lopez

    Guys, That was very cool!. I love the vintage look of it!. The style reminds me of the olde animation. Very Good!.