“Holland, 1945” by Tom Barrett “Holland, 1945” by Tom Barrett
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“Holland, 1945” by Tom Barrett

Chicago based Tom Barrett shares this fan-made music video he made for the indie group, Neutral Milk Hotel, a decade ago. “Done over a 6 month period, in my spare time, using Maya 3D, Photoshop and After Effects. Everything was made from scratch for this video.”

Who needs drugs when you can watch (or make) films like this?

  • great song to put some crazy visuals to. nice work.

  • favorite. song. ever. I’m so happy right now.

  • Martin

    In his SPARE time???????

    Darn, there are 10x more ideas in this 3 minutes than there are in your average big studio feature. Love it, love it, love it!!! Congrats to the artist!

  • GW

    I like the earlier portions but when it goes more abstract he starts running out of creative ideas. For something done in his spare time, I’m definitely impressed.

  • J

    There’re some nice things going on in there, but I’m quite curious about the growing trend of overly literal animated music videos. As soon as I heard the lyrics ‘was born with roses in her eyes’, i knew i’d be seeing some roses shooting out of some eyes pretty soon. A bit painfully predictable.

    Take for instance: http://www.cartoonbrew.com/music-videos/keenan-at-sea-by-david-cowles-and-jeremy-galante.html

    Or even worse: http://vimeo.com/16790007

    Is it just me that finds hearing lyrics and then seeing a visual representation of them incredibly jarring? It smacks of laziness and a lack of imagination, and unfortunately railroads a song into having only one interpretation.

    It’s also just plain uncool!

    • chris

      If the video was made a decade ago, does that still qualify it as a growing trend?

      • J

        Hah, that’s a good point. I should also say that I think this clip is definitely on the lower levels of the direct literal translation spectrum.

    • Yeah, music videos where the video parts relate to the music are so passe!

  • Although I vaguely agree with your comment I think you’re blanket judgment of this fine piece of work is incredibly annoying.

  • Thanks for the comments. FOr all who are disappointed, I will be more serious about it next time and not try to make it just a fun ride (or too literal). An abstract world of confusion and nonsense is on it’s way! Promise :D Thanks again for watching.

  • Steve Tanguay

    Nicely done! Would you be the Tom Barrett who went to Columbia College in the late 1980s?