Class of 3000 music video Class of 3000 music video
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“Cool Kitty” Vid Designed by Megan Brain

Class of 3000 music video

If Disney’s early-60s paper cutout short A Symposium on Popular Songs had included black people, they might have looked something like this music video that Megan Brain (mentioned here previously) recently designed for Cartoon Network’s Class of 3000 series. Joe Horne boarded and Chris Staples animated the characters in After Effects. Check it out below.

  • It’s not entirely different from this which was produced recently in about 10 days for about 6 pounds 50.
    I’m not suggesting under any circumstances that anyone is ripping anyone off here – just pointing out another similar job.
    The music dictates the look of both really.

  • tim

    Dang, I was hoping it was going to be better. The designs are pretty nice. It makes me think of those short animations that used to be on seaseme street. Now that would make an awesome dvd collection. Some of that animation was amazing (from memory)

  • Megan is a talented amazing artist . She deserves all the success in the world. Congrats to her on such a cool job !

  • Joe Horne

    hey…that’s in hd format….nice…
    over and out

  • Shellie, I agree wholeheartedly. Megan Brain does absolutely beautiful work.

    Either way, this is probably the single best thing about CLASS OF 3000 (which I don’t watch much). Thanks for sharing this, Amid!

  • Class of 3000 doesnt have many fans, and the show itself is rather meh, but the music videos at the end are usually fantastic.

  • tom

    Great looking work from Megan Brain. No surprise there!

  • Joe your awesome. I miss working with you.
    So cool you had Megan do this !
    Great job !

  • nice designs, but very typical slippy slidy flash animation – but hey, who am I to judge, we’ve pumped out stuff that looked worse because of budget restraints.

    I’m watching it with the audio off as me preggo wife is sleepin, and it still has some good rhythmic editing action.

    MTV generation UNITE!

  • Shannon

    This video was basically animated by one guy in 3 days w/ After Effects. Meg spent a couple of weeks working out the designs and making the puppets and passed it off to Chris Staples to animate. I think it turned out really great, especially considering the time constraints.

  • kate

    cool kitty is soooo cool! meeeooow!