Nick Cross and Dave Cooper’s Music Video Nick Cross and Dave Cooper’s Music Video
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Nick Cross and Dave Cooper’s Music Video

What a perfect way to start the weekend! Today marks the debut of a new music video by illustrator/comic artist Dave Cooper in collaboration with animator/director Nick Cross. The video is for Danko Jones’ song “King of Magazines.” Nick says, “The animation was all done in Flash by myself and Steve Stefanelli, working from Dave’s storyboard and rough designs.”

I’ve already watched it a few times and can’t get enough of it. It’s so refreshing to see a cartoon that actually indulges and celebrates its cartooniness. Lots of joyful animated FUN in this one.

  • Gui

    Oh, how I love Dave Cooper! The animation is really cool too. Well said, this really is cartoon FUN with capital letters.

  • God damn, great work guys!

  • I liked the kooky walk when she gets out of bed. Very nice!

  • Richard Gadd

    Great stuff, Amazed its all done in flash – just shows what a great tool flash really is.

  • fred fstop

    Feels like it owes a lot to the hold-and-release timing of John K, which I’m usually not too nuts about, but this is really nice!


  • Beautiful! Great job Nick and Dave!

  • Wish it wasn’t flash but I love the designs . Oh yeah, I know why you liked it. Jello wrestling, latex, drunk women catfighting. It’s like Boys Night Out Mark 2 =)

  • Amid-

    You’re right, it’s insanely re-watchable!

  • rhinotonight

    honestly, the music kinda turned me off.
    also, what’s supposed to be happening?

  • @fred fstop

    Could you elaborate on the “hold-and-release” timing? Are yo talking about the start-stop quality of the animation? Just curious.

  • Derek

    I love the designs. It’s too bad they where limited by the budget to using flash. Dave’s designs and line quality have real life to them, running them through the flash machine takes all the life out of them. This would have worked much better animated on paper.

  • fred fstop

    Sure, I’ll elaborate a little to clarify.

    The animation is great. I was referring to gags that involve a character walking to a point, pausing for a noticeable moment, and then having a broad reaction. Or, just as often, more than one character move into frame together, stop dead for a beat, and then all do the same thing simultaneously.

    Ren and Stimpy cartoons are built around this kind of thing and they’re eternal and brilliant. John K’s had a huge influence on many, many creators, and this is one of the types of gags that (I believe) John K pioneered. I just think that sometimes (and not in the case of this video, I reiterate) this hold-and-release thing is the tail wagging the dog as far as the writing and boarding are concerned. The stories and action are written around this comparatively inexpensive animation solution instead of the other way around.

  • Eliza Jappinen

    That was awesome!!!

  • Merv

    Slap some hit 1930 Berlin music under this, and it works in any decade. But it can’t be run on network television because women never get fat, especially fat women.

  • This was so fun! Awesome video!!

  • I LOVE Dave Cooper’s girls and this brings them to life in a most magical of fashions.

  • matt

    It’s super cool to see a Dave Cooper music video, just slightly too bad it’s essentially the animatic/storyboard with more inbetweens. I know that’s a lot to do with budget and all, just hope next time someone slings ’em enough dough to go all-out and have a few moving backgrounds and all. But don’t get me wrong, I still loved it! Congrats to all!

    If only that arse-wobble had been animated to the beat 1920s-style (and it needed to have a couple of extra wobbles for timing). It would have been the greatest thing ever!

  • Dock Miles

    Gosh I guess I’m the only person in the world who finds Dave Cooper a brilliant graphic artist who has a childish, repulsive, reductive approach to female bodies. Where’s the horrible, distorted men to compensate (esp. of late)? There are more interesting ways to explore sexual horror — see R.Crumb and others.

  • Sarah

    I don’t know what to say that hasn’t already been said. I love the animation, I loved loved loved the cartooniness of video, and I really liked the song.

  • matt

    Interesting Dock (what’s that short for?) that you find Cooper’s approach ‘repulsive’, when I would argue he shares MANY similarities with Crumb’s P.O.V. regarding the whole dynamic between the artists’ being in service to and love of or objectification of women…

    Having said that I haven’t seen anything of his “especially of late” work beside this video. All I can say is that I don’t get a hatred of and vindictive depiction of women from this work, more a fondness for women whether they have imperfect (!) features or not. He could be drawing huge-boobed Barbie dolls… And the more graphic the approach, the more intrinsically reductive. Obviously!

  • Dock Miles

    Well, matt, you go read Cooper’s comics “Suckle” (1997, a fascinating and subversive item) and “Crumple” (2000, way over the top and revealing serious problems with relations between the sexes) and then we can talk.

    And this —

    “being in service to and love of or objectification of women”

    pretty much covers every male with female issues.

    The Crumb presentation of these matters is richer, more personal and detailed in every way. But it does share a large complex with Cooper’s work —

    women are weird, freaky, alien … and their sexuality is daaaangerous. It has hoodooo power over men. It makes you LOSE CONTROL. And that’s scary.

    And desperate fear of losing control is not erotic. In fact, it’s anti-erotic.

  • lucky

    I don’t know if I should like it or be disgusted by the horrible character designs

  • matt

    Thanks for the patronising reply I guess, “Doc”. And thanks for the wagging finger redundantly restating what I already touched on, only in a more defensive, chiding and subjective way (although the example of losing control being scary or anti-erotic strikes me as a very bad example when talking about those two artists but then I’m being just as subjective there). Notice I didn’t actually state where I personally stood on said helplessness/objectification, but you saw fit to set me/us right just in case we/I know nothing about women. I know you qualified it all with “Cooper’s work”, but it sure doesn’t read that way. It was hard to tell whether you were agreeing with me there or chiding me. Or both.

  • GREAT WORK GUYS!!! The video looks amazing!!!

  • First off, Nick Park needs to animate Pip n’ Norton. Needs to happen. Secondly, the discussion going on between Matt and Dock interests the hell out of me. I’m familiar with Cooper through his paintings and his comics (check out the piece he did for Vice’s comic day a few years back) and to me, his is an exploration of the female as an almost alien landscape, both in personality and biology. I’ve always kind of thought of him as a kind of pop-imagery Geiger (H. R., not Mike!) in the way that his characters look waifish, sexy and off-kilter horrifying all at the same time. Very much reminds me of the ealy 80’s Mad magazine aesthetic. Man, I’m all arty n’ shtuff! Anyhoo, good dialog on the man and his art.

  • tobor68

    cute n creepy!

    love the timing too. nice work. girls and jell-o….so similar yet so different…

  • Oh man!! I love everything I’ve seen from Nick Cross- he’s awesome!

  • Deaniac

    Derek: “Flash machine”? Really?
    It’s an animation program, not a piece or hardware!

    On topic, the animation is epic. The music is okay, though.
    Nick Cross never fails to impress.

  • I agree

    I agree with Dock Miles. It’s not the only misogynist representation of women in animation/illustration–akin to racist caricatures, really–but I never grow accustomed to it.