<em>Poezenklaas!</em> by Victoria Cook <em>Poezenklaas!</em> by Victoria Cook
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Poezenklaas! by Victoria Cook

Sing along:

Hey Poezenklaas you are the best
With your Poezen paws and your big red vest
Gotta big kitty face and a big big heart
A tummy full of pies

Music is by Brian Lonano and Flash animation is by UArts student Victoria Cook.

  • drmedula


  • Oh MAN! The ending makes it. ;) Hope to see more!

  • Starsky

    I can’t stop watching this.

  • Soon to be a full-fledged series on Adult Swim…

  • ted

    Here’s some o’ that “artisstik kredibilty” that’s always desperately lacking on Cartoon Network and in Dreamworks films. Oh when will those corporate behemoths be free of the constraints of the evil marketplace, and learn to tiptoe through the meadows of sundappled frivolity like the beautiful naifs that crafted this masterpiece!

  • FP

    Poezenklaas died for your sins. Those two kids were collateral damage.

  • Thomas

    That kinda sucked. Hardly any animation, just simple rattling characters in flash.

  • Thomas

    …in other words, try watching it without sound.

  • This film speaks to me.

  • Casper the friendly executive

    Some of you guys wouldn’t know how to have a little fun if it ripped off your heads and poured tasty sugar sprinkles down your necks.

  • That was awesome! Great job Victoria, UArts represent!

  • max


  • Eamon Dougherty

    Sweet to see some Uarts animators around, Congrats Victoria!

  • Lowell Boston

    Great job, Tori! Looking forward to your crit tomorrow ; )