Pro-Iranian Student Movement Music Video Pro-Iranian Student Movement Music Video
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Pro-Iranian Student Movement Music Video

New York animator Simon Ampel created this well drawn and effective music video to support Iran’s increasingly bold student movement against its authoritarian regime. Ampel told me that he spent about two months working on it off and on. “I did all the animation in Tvpaint and colored it with Animo,” he said. “Backgrounds were painted by Micah Cohen, and the compositing and effects were done by Sean Theophil. The music is Fared Shafinury and Tehranosaurus.”

  • Beautiful work. Animation keeps the fight alive…nice.

  • great work simon…AS ALWAYS! michah too, great backgrounds!

  • It’s lovely and chilling.
    Very simple and effective story.

    Artistically solid and gorgeous figures and painted bits.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Nice to see animation being used in support of a worthy and meaningful cause like this.

  • Very touching and intense…I cried at the end. Amazing work!//

  • sdr

    Please read