<em>Safe Haven</em> by Harrie Geelen <em>Safe Haven</em> by Harrie Geelen
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Safe Haven by Harrie Geelen

This dreamy piece of animated psychedelia was done by award winning animator/director/illustrator Harrie Geelen. It was made with no budget, single handedly by Geelen for the Dutch band Cloudmachine.

(Thanks, Ruud Houweling)

  • Hal

    Awesome – elegant use of design and limited animation. So many people attempt this style and don’t pull it off this well. Great post.

  • peter wassink

    Apart from being a prolific writer and illustrator, Harrie Geelen (71) is a creative genius in dutch animation.
    i love his drawing style and his film “D een film over schrijven” is one of my all time favorites.
    He has been working since the 1960 and i hope he’ll continue many more years. Very nice to see this videoclip here.