Music Videos


Hey, I really like these guys. Their work is strange – but fun.

Back in August Amid linked to a United Airlines spot by the Norwegian/Japanese animation collective SSSR. Above is their music video The Mercury Craze for Subtle. Check out their other videos F.K.O. and Swan Meat.

Now, SSSR directors Marc Reisbig and Hanne Berkaak have a new video for indie band Of Montreal for their song Id Engager. Neat stuff.

(Thanks, Jeff Kuykendall)

  • Jim

    I was lucky enough to see SSSR working at Passion Pictures (London) quite a while back, the technical director Chris (who is a very nice chap indeed) was showing me around. He said they’re often seen in corners with bits of styrofoam. They’re a cool looking bunch, I want to work with them.

  • Jim


    Amid I still owe you £70 and feel very bad about it.

  • It looks great and a little bit hipster at the same time,i dont’ know for how much time this kind of stuff could hang in.
    But i really liked it ,expecially the second one.

  • Charles

    i love strange other worldly stuff

  • spencer drew bogart

    both of these videos are great — and it’s amazing how different they are stylistically, being from the same group of people and all.

    both are weird in the best way possible; the mercury craze one has sort of a guy maddin feel, which is also very nice.

    does anyone know how many people make up the SSSR? or, roughly, how many artists work on projects like these?