“Stare Into the Sun” by Ian Stevenson “Stare Into the Sun” by Ian Stevenson
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“Stare Into the Sun” by Ian Stevenson

UK based Ian Stevenson is a cartoonist disguised as an “artist”. Whatever he calls himself, I like what he does. Here’s one of his groovy music videos from a few years ago. This’ll put you in a good mood:

Written & Directed by Ian Stevenson & Luke Seomore.
Music by Graffiti 6.
Illustrator Ian Stevenson, Animator Alex Dobbin.

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  • JKR

    I have to say, some of the concepts are interesting, but I don’t like this at ALL. The animation and art almost completely lack appeal, and if not for the song, I wouldn’t be able to sit through it for more than a few seconds.

    Nope, not even the slightest bit my cup of tea.

  • anonymous

    [Comment removed by editors. Per our commenting guidelines, “Be considerate and respectful of others in the discussion. Defamatory, rude, or unnecessarily antagonistic comments will be deleted.”]

  • Sardonic Tuba

    It reminds me of a Freakies cereal commercial. IN HELL!!!

  • ….
    *checks to see if there’s a gas leak*
    Cool animation. Not for me personally, but fun to watch.

  • Randy

    Hmmmm……Yellow Submarine animated by someone that wasn’t there in 1968 and thinks this was what it was all about because he has several friends that love the 1960’s.

    AKA: I don’t think so.

  • Law

    It’s hard for me to not be a little critical. The character designs are not appealing (to me). Basic animation principles aren’t used. Difficult to watch. It’s a missed opportunity because it’s certain someone spent a lot of time with this.

    If I take a show like Adventure Time, the characters are surprisingly charming in spite of enormous breaks from convention. But this… I can’t go for that.

    ‘no can do’.

  • John

    This is more or less a poor man’s Chad Vangaalen short.