<em>Stay In My Memory</em> <em>Stay In My Memory</em>
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Stay In My Memory

This new video from Katy Davis is really sweet. Katy self-produced it for her brother’s band, Bim, and did all the art herself.

  • PJ

    I really enjoyed that, until the picture book was shut. I guess just because I enjoyed the rest of it so much that I didn’t feel it was necessary to have the part with the girl at the end.

    But the rest of it was very well done. Pretty powerful stuff.

  • Now this is a great music video. The music and the art go together so well, and both compliment the mood of one another. Stuff like this needs to be shown more often in festivals. There’s no more music on MTV or VH1. Time to send music videos to the big screen.

  • Full of charm.