“The Greeks” by Megaforce “The Greeks” by Megaforce
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“The Greeks” by Megaforce

Very cool, very violent, must-see music video for London based indie band, Is Tropical. Not for kids.

Directed by MEGAFORCE
Animation by “Seven” at Machine Molle
Produced by Jules Dieng at El Nino

(Thanks, Peter Avanzino)

  • Justin M

    It was like how I imagined it back then.

  • That was freakin’ awesome. And it looks like the kids had a blast making it, too.

  • That was awesome. This is what went on inside my head when I played with NERF toys as a kid.

  • I always love live action combined with animation in interesting ways like this. Good stuff.

  • Caresse

    This is awesome! I want to be a bad aunt and show this to my nephew, because he would love this!

  • Matt

    freaking awesome, this would make a great series.

  • Ju-osh

    I’m gonna ignore the subtle shout-out to the “Bro-nies” and simply say STUPENDOUS!

  • A good companion piece to that would be the old SNL film of the kids party overdubbed with adult voices arguing about adult problems.

  • Conor

    Awesome video. I wish you saw stuff like this in major motion pictures. CGI effects are often going to end up looking fake anyway, whereas hand drawn effects would eliminate the uncanny valley effect and create a level of abstraction that makes the ridiculousness easier to swallow.

  • I think little kids would love watching this. It’s fantastic.

  • x

    I loved the last resort finger-gun. Been there, done that.

    • Anoniguy

      That was, for me, the part which had me out of my seat. It was awesome.

  • Hmm. Question:
    Best video about kids’ fantasy playtime, or simply best video ever?

  • Wow and double wow!!!!!!! This is the best blend of live action and cartooning that I’ve seen in years. Congrats to Seven and Megaforce!

  • Jay Sabicer

    The roast chicken scene was, by far, the basest form of behavior I’ve witnessed on the small screen. ;)
    Bravo, sends a message about humanity’s innate penchant for brutality (or it brings back happy childhood memories, take your pick).

  • Tomm

    Really great.

  • Brings back memories.

  • raccuia

    I hate to be the dissenter, the killjoy but are you guys nuts?! this is so problematic in so many ways. The cartoon violence is gratuitous, yes, and drawn but not realistic. I see a very big difference between this and playing war. If you don’t I find that really frightening. I stopped watching when we got to the terrorist scene. Really brilliant, kids acting out one of the most horrific, pornographically violent events in recent history. Very sad.

    • Dee

      Yes, it’s got “layers”. That’s precisely why it’s so good.

    • I kinda think that was the point. Having kids act out those scenes was suppose to hold up a funhouse mirror revealing how childish the adults they’re pretending to be really are.

      It’s not mocking horrific events, it’s mocking the adults who did those things.

    • Gee whiz, Raccuia, you almost caused me to make a defamatory, rude or unnecessarily antagonistic comment. Objections to the wonderful dark humor of THE GREEKS practically demand a reply consisting of language evoking a body part of ladies, and possibly also poop for extra “sentence enhancement”. Christopher used an applicable term in the D-GIRL episode of THE SOPRANOS, while discussing the movie SWINGERS with director Jon Favreau.

  • I have to agree with raccuia


  • A-W-E-S-O-M-E