“This Message Is Boiling Hot” by Masanori Okamoto

The dancing fire fairy “Ho-Ho” runs around Tokyo spreading happiness – or something like that – in this inventive cut-out music video by Masanori Okamoto. Okamoto is currently an animation student at Tokyo University of the Arts. The music is by 8-bit artist Saitone.

  • Mr. James

    wow! Inspires me to go out and buy a BUNCH of orange construction paper and an exacto knife.

    Loved it!

  • http://www.hobsonanimation.com Kevin Hobson

    That was really cool!

  • http://www.stephenneary.blogspot.com pizzaforeveryone

    I really like seeing the blurs & squash & stretch in cut out. very professional merging of techniques!

  • Justin

    Real cool, Loved the ending. He got some really naturally movement, I was surprised. What an awesome song too!