“Vestmanna Eyjar” by Einar Baldvin

Back in February, Amid post Einar Baldvin’s Cal Arts thesis film, Catatonic. Baldvin just completed a musical piece in collaboration with Icelandic Klezmer-and-Balkan band Varsjár Bandalagið (The Warsaw Pact). It’s much lighter fare than Catatonic but just as intense and interesting in its own way. Perfect viewing for an end-of-the-world weekend.

  • http://www.frankpanucci.com Frank Panucci

    Cool. Music reminds me of 3 Mustaphas 3.

  • http://www.ramonar.com mitzie

    dang thats a trip!!

  • http://www.tubbirdbelty.com Barbara

    I was going to comment on the snakes with one shoe but then the bird pooping just..all bets are off man

  • http://woweh.com Kelly

    Great animation, but MAN that music is cool. :D

  • Steingrímur

    Massive animation. One to watch!

  • julian chaney

    Nice !!!