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“Voyage Chromatique” by Ugo Bienvenu and Kevin Manach

Familiar imagery is reassembled into a strange and otherworldly environment in this video for Renart’s “Voyage Chromatique.” It was directed by French animators Ugo Bienvenu and Kevin Manach through Miyu Productions.

  • Rufus

    Consider me frightened. Is this an exploration of of the male vs. female sexuality?

  • Mr. James

    This is the way I think Hell will be. Thumping bass beats, uncontrollable activity by expressionless, mutilated automatons. I am frightened as well. For some reason there seemed to be a lot of this style in 80’s music videos as well. Is this making a resurgence?

    • Ha!

      Yeah, you’re right. Aerobics are scary.

  • Autumn

    And of course it ends with a woman being choked….

    What the hell did I just watch?

  • Terrific!