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We Got Time

I love this. Using both praxinoscopes and a technique of matching up the frame rate of the spinning record to that of the camera, animator David Wilson used no computers to create this music video. Watch him explain it all, below:

(Thanks, Tom Knott via Motionographer)

  • Chris Knox

    Brilliant stuff!
    Totally inspiring in its use of three relatively ancient technologies; the praxinoscope, the turntable and the movie camera to achieve realtime drawn animation.
    Congratulations, David!

  • Katie Better

    If you enjoyed this I highly recommend Eric Dyer’s “Copenhagen Cycles” zoetrope piece as well.


  • Anna


    *is too mesmerized for coherent words*

  • Like so much of the best art, it’s a simple idea, executed really well. Outstanding.

  • Excellent music. Excellent video.

  • Thor

    I had one of those Red Raven rigs as a child. Whoever animated those cycles was a solid pro.

  • Chuck R.

    Amazing Video! Excellent “making-of”!

    Not to take away from Wilson’s stellar achievement, but I imagine a great deal of credit is due to the client for what must have been a considerable leap of faith.
    I mean, it’s hard to imagine selling this concept with a description or storyboard. I’m glad he did.

    Great post, Jerry —thanks!

  • Dan

    What’s the source of the “used no computers” statement?

    Careful inspection leads me to believe composting was used throughout the film.

    Can you confirm this with your source?

  • This is amazing! Thanks so much for posting about it! :)