“With Thoughts” by Peter Lowey “With Thoughts” by Peter Lowey
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“With Thoughts” by Peter Lowey

Last May, we posted Peter Lowey‘s short Sidewalk Scribble, which was an entry in the Annecy animation festival’s YouTube contest. The film went on to win first prize in the Annecy contest, and Lowey’s rewards were trips to both Annecy and Los Angeles.

Lowey, who runs Piepants Animation in Melbourne, just wrapped a music video for Art vs. Science’s “With Thought.” In the video, he illustrates a challenging concept–human thought–which he portrays graphically as a billowy, mutating object that stems from individuals but also forms a collective consciousness. Like a cloud, the abstract form occasionally resolves itself into recognizable imagery before returning to its ethereal state. It’s an elegant piece of animated filmmaking that serves the music well.

Music by Art vs Science
Directed and animated by Peter Lowey at Piepants Animation
Compositing, TD, backgrounds and animation by Glenn Hatton
Backgrounds and inbetweening by Young Ha Kim

  • The animation and music was beautiful. The way it ends is simply brilliant.

  • Well done Pete! This blew me away. Good luck in LA.

  • Cool stuff. No fault of the animator but it’s a shame the song knowingly or unknowningly rips off John Barry’s Midnight Cowboy theme. http://youtu.be/ZGORPUzLxtU

  • Tony C

    End of Evangelion?

  • Scott B.

    Mesmerizing. Wonderful marriage of sound and visuals.

  • It reminds me of the episode of SPONGEBOB in which he gets a hugely infected finger, and it bursts and erupts at the end…