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See ‘Ernest & Celestine’ This Weekend In These U.S. Cities

It’s not too late to see the Oscar-nominated French animated feature Ernest & Celestine. Below is a list of theaters that are screening the film this weekend. If your city isn’t listed below, check out the complete list of screening dates on the official website.

  • New York, NY – IFC Center
  • Austin, TX – Regal Arbor Cinemas
  • Portland, OR – Regal Fox Tower
  • Salt Lake City, UT – Broadway Theatre
  • Chicago, IL – Music Box Theatre
  • Scottsdale, AZ – Harkins Shea
  • Baltimore, MD – The Charles Theatre
  • Houston, TX – Landmark River Oaks Theatre
  • Atlanta, GA – Landmark Midtown Art
  • Denver, CO – Landmark Mayan
  • Forest Hills, NY – Cinemart Cinemas
  • Berkeley, CA – Rialto Cinemas Elmwood 
  • Washington, DC – West End Cinema
  • Ogden, UT – Art House Cinema 502
  • Juneau, AK – Gold Town Nickelodeon
  • San Francisco, CA – Landmark Opera Plaza Cinema
  • Minneapolis, MN – Landmark Lagoon Cinema
  • Northbrook, IL – AMC Northbrook
  • Skokie, IL – AMC Village Crossing
  • Las Vegas, NV – Regal Village Square
  • Tucson, AZ – The Loft Cinema
  • Salem, OR – Salem Cinema
  • Honolulu, HI – Kahala Theatres 8
  • Charlotte, NC – Regal Manor Twin
  • Knoxville, TN – Regal Downtown West
  • Santa Fe, NM – CCA Santa Fe
  • Columbus, OH – Gateway Film Center
  • St. Louis, MO – Landmark Plaza Frontenac
  • Indianapolis, IN – Landmark Keystone Art
  • Durango, CO – Animas Theatre
  • Lincolnshire, IL – Regal Lincolnshire
  • Coral Gables, FL – Coral Gables Art Cinema
  • Pittsfield, MA – Berkshire Museum Little Cinema
  • San Luis Obispo, CA – Palm Theatre
  • Ithaca, NY – Cinemapolis
  • Santa Cruz, CA – Del Mar
  • Boulder, CO – Boedecker Theater (begins 4/12)
  • Sarasota, FL – Sarasota Film Festival (4/12 – 4/13)
  • Omaha, NE – Film Streams Omaha (begins 4/12)
  • Three Rivers, MI – Riviera Theatre (begins 4/12) 
  • Huntington, NY – Cinema Arts Centre (4/12 – 4/13)
  • Santa Barbara, CA – Plaza de Oro (4/16)

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    • Tempting as it is to hold out for a home video release, the rarity of seeing hand drawn animation on the big screen these days makes this REALLY tempting to make the drive to see in theaters. Even at 2 hours away.

      Decisions decisions decisions.

      • guilt free green mom

        Go. It is worth it

    • Charley

      Not trying to sound snippy, but I wonder if the film would be this much attention if it were CG on like, Pixar’s level. I feel like it would not which makes me wonder how much people actually value story over visuals, because I always thought that was the priority.

      • Dutchie

        It’s film, and the fantastic thing about film is how it’s composed of many elements. Story is one of them. Visuals, characters, music, sound etc… are others. Film can be a great visual experience, or show us some great characters we love to follow, even if there isn’t much story. The story in this film is simple (beautifully so even IMO) & sweet, but in the end it’s mostly carried by the lovely visuals and characters. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

      • Just go and see the film instead of posing dopey questions.

        • Charley

          I did see the film, thanks. Not sure what gave you the impression that I didn’t. Maybe you shouldn’t post dopey assumptions.

          We’ve had about 10 discussions about Ernest and Celestine and every single time the comments have just been “Can’t wait to see it!”. Just trying to start up an actual discussion or bring up a point to add some substance to the comments.

    • Lexxicon

      Want to see it, but why is it dubbed? Subs only, please.

      • 1) It’s been released in both formats.
        2) I’ve seen both (in French many times) and it’s lovely in both languages.

        • Chris Sobieniak

          Some people have their means I guess. Of course I’m not that snooty to ask for subtitles anyway.

    • Tomm

      In response to the comment about story over visuals- this films story would be a touching and gentle ode to tolerance and friendship in any medium but would be weaker and less lyrical and true to the books illustrative style in any medium but hand drawn. If pixar released it in full blown cgi it would be hailed as charming and groundbreaking but i think the entertainment value of animation is at least partly down to the use of the medium no? Otherwise we would only use stick figures?

      • Chris Sobieniak

        It’s weird we’re having discussions like this at all. I think the choice they went with was adequate and fine on it’s own. They certainly wanted to evoke the look and feel of an illustrated book the way the story was originally published as and they pulled it off effectively the way it was executed. Being in CG would probably take it away from that aesthetic they were striving for.