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Artist of the Day

Artist of the Day: Aymeric Kevin

Aymeric Kevin

Aymeric Kevin is a Gobelins graduate who is currently working on video game and animation productions in Japan. You can see the short student film, Le Royaume, that he collaborated on with Nuno Alves-Rodrigues, Oussama Bouacheria, Julien Chheng, Sébastien Hary, Franck Monier, and Ulysse Malassagna, embedded below:

Aymeric Kevin

Aymeric uses his digital painting skills to work as an illustrator, visual development and background artist.

Aymeric Kevin Aymeric Kevin

Especially in the two pieces below, Aymeric focuses attention on his characters with carefully chosen areas of lighter values and saturated colors in otherwise dark compositions. To see more from Aymeric, visit his Tumblr and blogspot.

Aymeric Kevin Aymeric Kevin
  • Pedro V

    More like Artist of the Year! Aymeric is awesome!

  • Bob

    Exceptional work!

  • Jeric Ilagan

    Wow his illustrations are amazing.

  • Nayx

    I’m not really well-versed with Gobelins or their work, but Le Royaume is good-directed. Given that it’s a student film. Some scenes were also great-animated, but that was to be expected.

    Nice video overall.

  • All of these Gobelins students never cease to amaze me.

  • Rick Dolishny

    Thank you for sharing. That short film is remarkable!!!

  • He’s a Yuasa compatriot, as noted above, so seeing a Franquin + Yuasa combination is really good. This was a fantastic namedrop.

  • Love his work!

  • Sophia Driavs

    His style reminds me of Jen Zee (another fantastic illustrator, also known for providing the art for Bastion).

    • Emerson Marasati

      I ‘m totally agreed

  • Jen Hurler

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

  • Amagash

    Aymeric, you haven’t ceased growing as an artist, your art is amazing and very inspiring. Keep up the good work !

  • Chänz Mikkael Høris

    wow… these are BEAUTIFUL

  • UsaMiKo

    You know when ever I see works from the Gobelins students I always get a mix of emotions. I feel so happy seeing such great forms of art, storytelling and diversity coming together in such great ways . But then I get a little depressed, when I realize that while France is looking at new and interesting ways to do 2d animation, all America seems to be looking into is making more 3d sequels, rehashes, and other things that can only be described as glorified 2 hour commercials.

    • Loup Blaster

      Sadly the school has lately the oposite politic, they (more than) encourage the students to do 3D, and shorter films. The American market is pushing the school in this direction and so it sometimes creates tensions with the students.

      But the great thing is, in our globalisation time, we have access to all this artists and knowledges ( Cheers Cartoon brew !!)
      Aymeric’s inspiration are also abvious, so I think there is nothing to be depressed about. Animation is about building something together, exchange and make things change right ? :)