Dana Terrace Dana Terrace
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Artist of the Day: Dana Terrace

Dana Terrace graduated this spring from the animation program at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. She moved to Los Angeles where she was recently hired to do storyboard revisions on the Disney Channel TV series Gravity Falls.

Dana TerraceDana TerraceDana Terrace

Here is Dana’s 3rd year student film, Kickball! (featured last year on Cartoon Brew), completed at SVA in roughly eight weeks start to finish, according to the description on Vimeo:

Here are some character studies from Mirage, Dana’s thesis film co-created with Iker Maidagan, which was also recently featured on Cartoon Brew:

Dana Terrace

You can explore more artwork from Dana on her blog and portfolio website.

Dana TerraceDana TerraceDana TerraceDana Terrace
  • William Bradford

    I agree with otterhand, and Mirage was quite charming, not least of which because of her wonderful character designs

  • Jeremy Burnett

    Very Cool stuff I really enjoy kickball as well. =)

  • she does things that do