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“I Am Art” by David Stodolny

DreamWorks animator by day, independent filmmaker by night—David Stodolny keeps busy for sure. His pop culture parodies of The Hulk and The Hunger Games have earned him a growing online following. In his latest short, I Am Art, he stretches his range to satirize a more refined target: the fine art world.

The accompanying making-of video explains his thought process and visual approach to the film:

  • Hahaaha that bit around :53 made me lol

    Awesome David! Keep em’ comin!

  • Dana B

    And they say 2D is dead. Ha, not if guys like Stodolny can help it! Well, in their spare time at least…

    Beautifully drawn and animated. I loved the transition smears between objects and characters, very fun to watch. This is the first time I watched one of his stuff, so I wasn’t expecting this to be hilarious as opposed to a tip-of-the-hat to fine art. I’m glad it was both!

    Wonderful work. Hope to see more like this in the future :)

  • Brian C.

    Well done once again, David! These always make my day.

  • Deaniac

    Stodolny is brilliant. It makes me happy to see him produce a short that isn’t based on a movie for a change. A lot of the pretentiousness he lampooned that surrounds the art culture was brutally spot on.

    On top of that, he animated this whole short in ONE TAKE with NO keying whatsoever. Geez.

  • jhalpernkitcat

    This is so true, and delightfully funny. “I hate that g-d damn red square.”

  • James Madison

    LOL! Love it!

  • A. Painter

    Very nicely drawn but continues to stereotype and use cliche which keeps it from being insightful or new news. Just another opinion but Mondrian or Malevich will still be around when this is not. Their’s were new ideas about things, this is a cliche. Is this any less pretentious about cartoons role in culture than the characters he uses to lampoon other forms of art?
    Can’t we all just get along? Accept there are different purposes, types of art, a wide range in visions and do the one that fits you.