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List of 45 Oscar Qualifying Shorts

Here’s the list of qualified shorts, screened this past weekend for members of the Short Films and Feature Animation Branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, with links to all the films were you can find additional info, see the trailer or watch the whole film itself.

Members of the Short Film and Feature Animation branch will soon vote, creating a shortlist of ten films from this 45. A second round of voting, also restricted to members of the Short Films and Feature Animation branches, will narrow it down to the five nominees for Best Animated Short Film Oscar. The final vote, which determines the winner, is open to all Academy members provided that they have watched every nominated short. It’s a wide open field this year with a variety of techniques and themes; four major studio shorts (from Pixar, Warners, Sony, Disney) up against some of the best talents from around the world, along with student films and independent fare. Can’t wait to see who makes it to the shortlist. Good luck to all!

A Morning Stroll
A Morning Stroll by Grant Orchard (Studio AKA)
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A Shadow of Blue by Carlos Lascano

Birdboy by Alberto Vasquez (Abrikim Studio)

Chopin’s Drawings by Dorota Kobiela (BreakThru Films) Poland

Correspondence by Zach Hyer (Pratt)

Daisy Cutter by Enrique Garcia and Rubin Salazar (Silverspace)

Dimanche / Sunday by Patrick Doyon (NFB)

El Salon Mexico by Paul Glickman and Tamarind King

Enrique Wrecks the World by David Chai

Ente Tod Und Tulipe (Duck Death and the Tulip) by Matthias Bruhn (Richard Lutterbeck — Trickstudio)

Fat Hamster by Adam Wyrwas (BreakThru Films) Poland

Grandpa Looked Like William Powell by David B. Levy

Hamster Heaven by Paul Bolger (BreakThru Films) Poland

I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat by Matt O’Callaghan (Warner Bros.)

I Was the Child of Holocaust Survivors by Anne Marie Fleming (NFB)

Ingrid Pitt: Beyond the Forest by Kevin Sean Michaels USA

Kahanikar by Nandita Jain (National Film and Television School) England

La Luna by Enrico Casarosa (Pixar)
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Little Postman by Dorota Kobiela (BreakThru Films) Poland

Luminaris by Juan Pablo Zaramella (JPZaramella Studios)
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Luna by Donna Brockopp (Rainmaker) Canada

Maska by Timothy and Stephen Quay (Sem-ma-for) Poland

Muybridge’s Strings by Koji Yamamura

My Hometown by Jerry Levitan, Written and Narrated by Yoko Ono (Eggplant)

Night Island by Salvador Maldonado (BreakThru Films) Poland

Nullarbor by Alister Lockhart

Papa’s Boy by Leevi Lemmetty (BreakThru Films) Poland

Paths of Hate by Damien Nenow (Platige Image) Poland
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Romance by George Schwizgebel (NFB & Studio GDS)

Specky Four-Eyes by Jean Claude Rozec (Vivement Lundi)

Spirits of the Piano by Magdalena Osinska (BreakThru Films) Poland

Thank You by Pen Ward and Thomas Herpich (Cartoon Network/Frederator)
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The Ballad of Nessie by Stevie Wermers (Walt Disney Studios)
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The External World by David O’ Reilly
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The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore by William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg (Moonbot Studios)
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The Gloaming by Nobrain (Autour De Minuit) France

The Lost Town of Switez by Kamil Polak (Human Ark) Poland

The Magic Piano by Martin Clapp (BreakThru Films) Poland

The Monster of Nix by Rosto
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The Renter
The Renter by Jason Carpenter (CalArts)
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The Smurf’s A Christmas Carol by Troy Quane (Sony Pictures Animation)

The Tannery by Iain Gardner

The Vermeers by Tal S. Shamir

Vincenta by Samuel Orti Marti

Wild Life by Amanda Forbis & Wendy Tilby (NFB)
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  • So many polish shorts :O Good luck to everyone and congratulations for the nomination!

    • amid

      Agnes – Just to be clear, none of these films were nominated. They only passed the qualification process, and will be whittled down through multiple rounds of voting until the nominees are reached.

    • To clear things up a bit: They are not really Polish, only produced by Polish Breakthru Films. Most of them are made in different countries in connection with The Magic Piano, which is also listed, a film done to commemorate composer Frédéric Chopin.
      All the shorts features études from Chopin.

      • Qo

        Hi Olve,

        The majority of BreakThru’s films on this list are Polish or have significant Polish participation in terms of investment and/or resources. And, the majority of the BreakThru films on this list above are made in Poland.

      • I guess you’re right Qo. I see now that most of the ones listed here actually are Polish.
        But, having said that, several more shorts were made in other countries, including two from my previous studio in Norway. I worked on one of them – as well as on The Magic Piano itself. :)
        Seems mostly Polish ones were picked for this list though.

  • Adam

    If only full length features had this broad a spectrum of stylistic diversity!

    • the diversity are here but we all know that the pixar short will get nominated no matter how down right better the other 40 plus films are compared to it. that one nomination spot is secured.

      then again, if we all ignore the ignorance and bigotry of the oscars and just take it for what it is (american prize most likely given to american culture friendly “films”) maybe it will go away.

  • And I’ve only seen 3 of them so far. It would be so great if a TV station at the Oscar night, instead of showing actors grinning into cameras for hours, just show these shorts.

    “Ente Tod und Tulpe” is by my friend Matthias Bruhn, and it’s strong. If you have any chance to watch it, go. And have your tissues ready.

    • Agreed! I would pay for a month of premium cable service to get that channel just for that night! Or they could put them on Adult Swim or something. I just want to see them!

      Congrats to the qualifiers. Good luck!

  • If only we could see this diversity of design in animated features.

    • Qo

      There ARE diverse animated features out there but no distributors with guts to show them. BreakThru, which has 8 of the nominations above, has an amazing feature: The Flying Machine. I’ve seen mom’s blogging about it – totally into it. But…no North American distribution that I can see so far. BreakThru is the animation house that made the Oscar winning “Peter and the Wolf”. Take a look at “The Magic Piano” (above). I’ve got my bets on that one making it to the final round. This is the link to the Toronto Film Festival trailer for The Flying Machine –

  • Don’t recognize a lot of them. But that Smurfs thing looks intriguing. It looks better than the movie (though that’s not hard to accomplish).

  • D

    Wow lots of good qualifying shorts this year. Love the stylistic diversity. I’m seeing some hand drawn, stop-motion, CG and what I think might even be a paint on glass animated short. Honestly the shorts that have qualified already put some of the full lengths that are nominated to shame.

  • The Gee

    Shorts have and probably always will be the most vibrant area of animation. I know Chuck Jones once wrote that TV commercials had the most potential, or something like that, but…it is still short films that offer the most…in my opinion, of course.

    It doesn’t matter how much of whatever product is made using animation, the shorts that are made will still represent some of the best of what is possible and the most intimate visions.

    What’s wild is that is *just* 45 qualifiers from the past year. Maybe not all are great but most of them look intriguing.

  • scratchboy

    Hey, What about “Fiesta Brava” by Steven Woloshen

  • No better place than shorts to show the creativity, diversity and all around potential that can happen with animation. Sadly, a lack of vision keeps this type of creativity from appearing much in feature length films.

  • logicalnot

    I am so organizing a movie night for this.

  • Mac

    Thankfully I’ve seen must of the pictures that have line up, of the shorts that I’m still missing that I feel noteworthy are: Smurf’s A Christmas Carol, I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat, Daisy Cutter, Correspondence. But I will speak for what I’ve seen, you can go to my blog (sorry if this feels a lil’ spammy) to check my list.

  • Jeff Simonetta

    I hope the External World gets some Academy love.

  • Toonio

    Go Amanda Forbis & Wendy Tilby! I believe in you!

  • So much awesome work! Makes me want to finish up my short lol!

  • I’m not sure how the eligibility works – is The Eagleman Stag not eligible this year? I’ve seen it at two different festivals and it won the Best Short award at both. I expected to see it on the Oscar shortlist for sure, but maybe it isn’t eligible?

    • Grumpy Animator

      According to his twitter he missed the submission deadline. For me it was a two horse race between that and “The External World”

      • Abooboo

        What a shame! One of the greatest animations

      • Ah, thanks for the info, Grumpy Animator. I wasn’t aware of the submission process. That’s too bad, it’s a great film.

    • For a short to be eligible with a festival win, the festival must be an Oscar qualifying festival.
      You can find a list of them on the Academy website somewhere.

      • Grumpy Animator

        Then he has to send the film in…

  • Joshua

    It seems strange that “Hawaiian Vacation,” possibly the most-seen animated theatrical short of the year, wsa not even submitted.

  • fanatic

    I pretty much want to see all of these. Will it be posted when they become available online?

  • Where’s ‘Damned’? Damn. Congrats to all, what a great diverse looking group of pics. Still, … damn, er… um… bummer.

  • This is a great list, I’m definitely going to spend some time and watch them all. They look amazing!!!
    Love that the category is open so we see things from all over the world.
    Hopefully Oscar will keep adding great categories to the list –