<em>Mario’s Ladder</em> by Cory Godbey <em>Mario’s Ladder</em> by Cory Godbey

Mario’s Ladder by Cory Godbey

Nice tribute to classic Ninetendo from Cory Godbey.

(Thanks, Gibbs Rainock)

  • If you couldn’t handle Bambi, don’t watch this.

  • I have made many tributes to mario. :)

  • Tha’s nice. Another secret…well, dunno if its a secret. But M doesn’t headbutt the bricks. If you check he punches them with a fist.

  • this is awesome. i loved it. nice work cory.

  • Brokenshell44

    Great tribute! A welcome palette cleanser from all of the mushroom-addiction and “I’M-A-GONNA-NAIL-DA-PRINCESS!” garbage we get from most animated mario tributes.

  • Artisticulated


  • Tekena

    Looks like I’m playing Mario again.

  • FP

    I don’t understand this at all. I never played the Mario game.

    I like the cartoon anyway.

  • Leirin

    Terrific style! I commend you on your efforts.

  • Scarabim


  • Obo

    I’m always amazed that so many people didn’t realize the clouds and bushes were the same…..for over twenty years

  • I agree brokenshell…..this was a palette cleanser.

    I thought the great secret was going to be: “Sorry Mario but the princess is in another castle.”