“Seed” by Ben Richardson and Daniel Bird “Seed” by Ben Richardson and Daniel Bird
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“Seed” by Ben Richardson and Daniel Bird

Seed is a stop motion short directed by Ben Richardson and Daniel Bird about “an egg and an apple who build competing broadcast towers that vie for the attention of a transistor radio” with a “narrative of animal evolution, competition and reproduction.” Your mileage may vary–I personally found the storytelling obtuse and drawn-out–but it’s an undeniably attractive piece of stop motion with lovely photography and production design.

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  • michael

    I hear what you’re saying Amid but it’s an impressive piece of work and I was awed by some of the cinematography & effects work esp near the end of the film. Great animation throughout. Could have used some editing but I eventually found myself saying “wow!”

  • bernadette

    alright! thanks for posting, I love this piece