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“The Deep End” by Jake Fried

I was quite impressed with Jake Fried’s animation when I first saw it last year, and I’m just as impressed with his latest piece, The Deep End. Fried is a painter, and he creates animation in the manner that a painter builds a canvas by layering images on top of one another. His painter’s approach to animation follows in the tradition of filmmakers like Carmen D’Avino, but the visual symbolism and graphic style are unique to him. His latest piece, which is a mere minute in length, packs plenty of replay value. Each of the four times I’ve watched it already, my eyes get lost in the jungle of imagery, and I’m sent down a new and exciting visual pathway.

  • The pulsating timing combines with the extraordinary build up of imagery to tell its own story and gives this film the right to call itself an “Experimental Film”, a title many other films enjoy and don’t deserve.

    This is a wonderful work, Amid. Thanks for introducing me to Jake Fried. I’ll remember his name and look for his films.