thisactuallyhappens-tomlaw thisactuallyhappens-tomlaw

“This Actually Happens A Lot” by Tom Law

CalArts student Tom Law has an idiosyncratic sense of design and movement, which comes through clearly in his graduation short This Actually Happens A Lot. The short attempts to find a visual solution for representing a character’s social anxiety and insecurity, which Law achieves by tweaking the rules of gravity. We featured Tom’s self-portrait timelapse piece I Always Look Angry in a 2011 installment of Animated Fragments.

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  • Scott Benson

    This is one of my favorite shorts I’ve seen lately. Love everything about it.

  • mick

    Everything in that short appealed to me. I liked every single bit of that. delightful. Nice one centurian

  • tomm


  • martin

    haha that was wonderful

  • Aaron Long

    I love this short! Everything about it is really well-done.

  • Roberto Severino

    This guy has so much talent! Really enjoyed the short. Great aesthetics in color choices too and II also really liked appealing character designs.

  • UnclePhil

    TOM LAW!

  • Elana Pritchard

    That was really cute

  • Fran Krause

    This cartoon is great!

  • Fantastic

  • Larry Ruppel

    The design, color and animation all work together wonderfully. Terrific!

  • caricaturist

    Engaging and fascinating from start to finish – absolutely a joy to watch. Tom Law has a great career ahead of him!