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“Megamind” talkback

Megamind surprised me. I liked it. Not only a good spoof of the whole Superman-Lex Luthor/Brainac mythos, but a good story with a somewhat believable arc of a bad-guy turning into a hero. And it was frequently funny. Definitely a step up from Monsters vs. Aliens – though not in the same league as Kung Fu Panda and How To Train Your Dragon – a witty, worthwhile 3-D experience that I personally recommend.

It opens nationwide today and now it’s your turn. Let us know what you think. Yay or Nay? Only comments from those who have seen the film will be approved.

  • vincent

    Saw it at a preview screening last Saturday and really enjoyed it. Thought it was funny and well written. Some fun animation and characterization. As my friend said it’s the Superman movie we wish Bryan Singer would have given us. Agree with Jerry may not be Dragon, but definitely better than any Shrek. Thinks it works for anyone of any age in the audience.

  • Tony Montealegre

    As an SNL fan, it was way awesome to hear Will Ferrell and Tina Fey as the leading characters. And the twists were very funny. Highly recommended.

  • Smudge

    I went in expecting to be disappointed, however there was a lot in this film that was very likable. The only thing that fell flat was the overreliance on music. Some of it worked as it highlighted Megamind’s pompous attitude. But it got old really fast. And the dance number at the end made me wonder if they didn’t know how to end the movie so they threw in a dance number. Other than those two quibbles, I thought it was a very fun movie. Liked the character development. Thought the fish was very amusing and really enjoyed the relationship dynamic between Metroman, Megamind and Roxanne. Don’t know if I’d go see it again in the theatre, but will probably pick it up on DVD.

    • Funkybat

      Reminds me of how the Simpsons sometimes end an episode (or segment of a Halloween ep) with a song or a dance party. Sometimes done clearly in jest of that trope, other times seemingly falling into the cliche themselves.

  • This movie surprised me as well. There are lots of parts that were funny and enjoyable. And I agree with you Jerry, its no “How to Train your Dragon”, but it was fun movie. I recommend it. Although the dance at the end just made me feel awkward.

  • Toonio

    Not bad, sometimes feels like SNL sketches here and there but what the hay it’s lots of fun.

  • Wow! Dreamworks is on a roll! This one delivers a surprisingly good story with very heartfelt performances all around. I just saw it opening day in Burbank at a late night show. The theater wasn’t packed ( probably because parents took their kids to earlier shows) but it got good reactions. This has legs. I expect it to do well at the box office. I’ll see it again.

  • Stone

    Good, solid movie. Had a lot of fun watching it!

  • Was wonderfully surprised by this. The story was fun and the animation was even more fun. Though some parts were predictable (to me, anyway), it wasn’t presented in a way that normally brings a lot of groaning. Will see again.

  • I’ll just start by reiterating what previous commenters have said: I was delightfully surprised. I found many parts funny. I thought the story was quite well written. The characters even had believable motivation which helped the writing as well. I won’t give any spoilers away. I will only recommend that everyone go see it before you dismiss it as “more Dreamworks garbage”.

    On a side note, something happened at the theatre I saw this movie. The traditional 2D showing of Megamind was sold out and the 3D showing was used as an overflow of sorts. Has this been happening at any other theatres anywhere? If so, it’s a sure sign that people are getting less and less impressed by the 3D experience. (The higher ticket prices probably aren’t thrilling them to much either). Just something I’ve noticed.

  • Dr. Shrinker

    I guess I’m the first dissenting voice. Took my 7-year-old daughter last night and, for the first time since she was about 5, she couldn’t sit still. Bored out of her mind. And, frankly, I was pretty much right there with her. HUGE sections of this movie are just characters standing there talking to each other. Just talking. Endlessly. Although there are a few nice action set pieces, they are just that, it feels as if they were sprinkled in to wake the audience back up.

    I thought the voices were dull and lifeless, and I’m a long-time Ferrell fan. IMO, this is the textbook definition of a “phoned-in” vocal performance. His “accent” was all over the map, and the never-explained mispronunciations (why wouldn’t he know how to say “hello”?) not funny at all.

    At least I know it wasn’t just my reaction. The entire audience at a fairly-full showing had the same “meh” reaction. No big laughs at all, just some mild chuckles. Lots of restless kids. And everyone stood up and bolted as soon as the credits started. (Gee, what a shame, since they missed the HILARIOUS coda with the fish and the washing machine. .)

    For me, I’d put it EXACTLY equal to Monsters vs. Aliens in terms of entertainment value. Although, actually, I think I at least laughed at Seth Rogen’s gags in that movie a little.

    • Ryoku89

      Yakking all day seems to be the thing in cartoons now.

  • Bob Harper

    It was pretty fun, the kids enjoyed it. Unfortunately I think that it had its thunder stolen a bit from Despicable Me coming out first, but all in all I liked it.

  • Pedro Nakama

    I agree with your thoughts Jerry. Although the Michael Jackson dance number at the end fell flat.

  • Ethan

    I liked it, it was surprisingly fun.

    I agree with Jerry that it’s better than MvA but cannot be compared to KFP or HTTYD. Really great 3-D: all the glass and transparent stuff, reflections, refraction, chunky explosions, those produced a really fun 3-D perception. Great animation all over. Some good jokes, some bad jokes, pop music was overused. Story had a good pacing. I was surprised by the quality of the writing, the story worked and the characters worked very well. Congratulations to everyone involved.

  • So much talking…

    I never got into this movie. On top of the talking (the first 8 minutes or so of this movie is nothing but talking) I sat there not caring about what happened because all the ads already told me the big plot twist 75 minutes in.

    Didn’t care for the voices. Tina Fey was amazing in Ponyo, but here she’s pretty bland.

    I might have liked it more if I hadn’t been spoiled by the ads, but it definitely could’ve been better.

    • Funkybat

      I think the “talking” part is a matter of taste. This movie was created with comedians in mind for the roles. Modern comedy is verbally-oriented. All that chatter is part of any comedian/writer-driven project. Letting people’s actions and expressions tell the story is something of a lost art, people are accustomed to a din of endless blather in most media nowadays.

      I honestly don’t notice the difference that much, but have become more aware of it due to friends of mine who are devotees of John K.’s ideals of what makes a “good” cartoon. They tend to notice and bag on the dialogue-driven stuff as “writers cartoons.”

  • I thought it was all right but found the kids behind me couldn’t get it and were practically demanding to leave. Marlon Brando and pop culture references? Hmm.. a lot of the humour slid right off too, and Tina Fey just let Ferrell have the floor.

  • docnad

    Yes, I agree that Megamind is better than Monsters vs. Aliens, but it’s also better than How to Train Your Dragon and Kung Fu Panda. OK, I haven’t actually seen Kung Fu Panda, but how can Megamind not be better?

    Here’s the admittedly opinionated review I posted yesterday on Living Social–Movies:

    Megamind is very entertaining and very funny. It has a good story and outstanding voice talents. It seems to me to be better than the usual Dreamworks Animation SKG fare, thank goodness. It is directed by Tom McGrath, who codirected the so-so Madagascar and who once worked on the awful Ren & Stimpy Show. He redeems himself quite a bit here.

    Will Ferrell is the voice of Megamind and he really makes the movie work. My general opinion of Ferrell is that he’s incredibly gifted, but his movies often aren’t as funny as they’re meant to be. Megamind is a happy exception to this. Tina Fey, Jonah Hill, David Cross, and someone named Brad Pitt round out the voice talents.

    I saw the movie in 3D, not really by choice. Our local newspaper lists 25 theatres showing the 3D version, and only one showing it in 2D. The computer animation is reasonably proficient.

  • AJ Blue

    I wouldn’t really put younger kids in front of this (as people have said, it’s a bit over their heads and dragged on), but as an 18 year old… I had a blast.

    I didn’t see it in 3D, and still don’t really want to. I thought it held its ground without and didn’t bug you constantly about how it COULD be viewed in such a way.

    I was very pleased with the voice talents, the animation/detail was great, had more than one twist (which I appreciated due to the ads spoiling half the movie), but the dance number at the end was sort of an eye roll. Still, I suppose it did fit in a bit instead of being completely out of the blue. I guess most of my love for this movie could be how little I had expected from it going in… naw. It was just great.

    I hope to see it again and purchase it when it comes out.

  • Erin Siegel

    Jonah Hill as a rampaging psychotic is hilarious. SOOO against the expected typecasting.

    Anyway, some awesome genuine moments. A lot more mature than Shrek in terms of attempts to have humor that would make adults laugh without being embarassed (fart, poop and sex jokes are missing, and not missed). Ferrel ended up being a solid voice actor and they had some cool designs. Loved Minion! Haven’t seen such a likeable fish character since the cast of Finding Nemo (and without reminding me of any of them). And a much more believable romance than any actual romance film. Overall, nice send-up to Superman and the superhero comic genre, cool comedy and a worthwhile film that suggests Dreamworks is on a good path. They got three good films under their belt now that could make me laugh 10 years down the line and happy to show to any future kids I might have. Hoping this trend lasts!

  • NateCook

    Alright. Nothing special. Ferrell was good. Tina Fey was good. And in the end, all that was going through my mind as I was watching it was: it’s good. Nothing more, nothing less. Go see it if you’ve cash to burn. Find I’m actually looking forward to Tangled more than this – and I’ve avoided the CG Disney ones like the plague so far.

  • Bob

    Saw it Sunday — and enjoyed it a great deal. It’s really a very clever rift on Superman, and I loved the design of the city. Didn’t like the music, and Michael Jackson had me squirming, but not enough to sour me on the picture. I’d buy the DVD.

  • I was blown away by the quality of the animation, but then I haven’t been to any CG films in a while. Also my first 3-D experience, and that too impressed me.

    The story was terrible, I thought. It was really good until about a third of the way in. Then, too many characters w/ too many stories. Should have been pared way back and focused on Megamind and Roxie. Didn’t care about Titan or Metroman, all of that just felt like padding that diluted what could have been a more streamlined, effective story.

    When in doubt, DreamWorks, keep it simple.

  • I saw Megamind at a pre-screening event the Saturday before opening and I was surprised! I loved the animation quality and the story. I felt that while a lot had been shown in the previews, you got a lot more character development than you thought you would, and combined with a solid story, I felt that the movie was rightfully number one its opening weekend.

    While there were a lot of story lines, I felt like we did get the most important ones – there is still a lot left unexplained about Metroman and Titan/Tighten. That being said, I do think a bit of an older kid audience is being targeted with the movie. Overall, however, I was pleased. Now if I could just get used to David Cross as Minion! He did great, but when I first saw the character I was expecting a lower voice!

  • Ross W

    I saw this with my kids today and we were all very entertained, me especially. The animation was great, the story both funny and involving, and the use of 3D was actually very impressive. Thanks to the people at Dreamworks Animation for a great piece of entertainment.

  • mickhyperion

    I thought this was actually a step up from KPF and world’s better than that piece of garbage Meatball movie. The only thing KPF had going for it was the art direction. This movie had more to offer than a kung fu retread.

    Megamind looked pretty predictable from the trailer, but its story and characters actually proved otherwise. It had enough twists to be fairly unpredictable and the Megamind character was one you could actually sink your teeth into and feel something for. He had a nice arc. The animation itself was the expected state-of-the-art amazing, as most are these days, though the lip syncing at times was pretty bad (closeups during Tighten’s sequences, in particular).

    I thought Will Ferrell did a fantastic job as a voice actor, while the rest of the cast were pretty blah. Tina Fey as Tina Fey, Jonah Hill as Jonah Hill, Brad Pitt as who cares. Will Ferrell actually tries to breathe life into the character and it shows. Far better than Jack Black as Jack Black playing Po. I didn’t have high hopes for the voice acting after seeing the trailer, but Will Ferrell saved it (as did a couple of the side characters).

    I don’t think I’d base my opinion on what the 7 year olds in the audience thought or could handle dialogue-wise. In fact, I’d consider that a plus. It wasn’t a movie just for kids or the sophomoric crowd, and it wasn’t full of smarmy ‘tude or pop culture overload. I’ll be recommending it and buying it on disc.

  • This was Monsters vs Aliens all over again, I won’t say nothing to the character design and the art direction, i feel is quite obvious is just plain ugly. The movie itself is low phased, too much talk not so much action, and the talking wasn’t even that interested, I felt like leaving the theater, but regretfully I tried to give it a shot. Will Ferrell is the only high point of the film. The thing that really concerns me, is that some critics endorse it, this film is not even close to an Oscar nomination, a spot more deserved by a movie like Summer Wars (TS3 without a doubt), or even Tangled or How to train your Dragon (I’m going for Tangled between those two)

  • I got kind of bored at some points, and noticed the kids around me got bored too (one actually screamed “boring!”), nevertheless, in the middle of the long talking parts there was always some little sillyness that made me smile.

    BUT I tought the story was pretty original, I loved all the twists to the typical superhero story, the character’s felt solid and their expressions and animations were really nice. Plus, the fish and the bots were really cool.

    It’s not the best cartoon of the year, but I’d definetly recommend it.