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Confirmed: “Frozen” Is Being Developed As A Broadway Musical

One day after Frozen won the Golden Globe, Disney CEO Bob Iger has confirmed to Fortune that the studio is in talks to turn the animated hit into a Broadway musical. No date has been confirmed for when the stage version will debut. “We’re not demanding speed,” Iger said. “We’re demanding excellence.”

(Theater stage via Shutterstock)

  • David D.

    Funny, I was sure we’d see “Disney’s Frozen On Ice” first.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Thanks for being the first!

  • Christian Z.

    Hopefully it’ll have a Broadway version of “Get a Horse!” at the beginning.

  • Nikolas

    It was pretty obvious while watching the film that it was always meant to be taken to Broadway. Perhaps they’ll add a few new songs. Kristoff really didn’t get his own song in the film.

  • George Comerci


  • UsaMiKo

    Show of hands, who here was actually surprised?

  • Hankenshift

    I hope they get someone good to write the music. Hopefully someone better than whoever wrote those things for the movie. They’re awful.

    • Josh

      You’d be talking about the three-time Tony Award-winning Robert Lopez, who wrote the songs for the Broadway musicals Avenue Q and The Book of Mormon.

      • Hankenshift

        Avenue Q is a one joke bland thing, and Book of Mormon is all Matt and Trey. The “songs” in frozen are awful, bland, and witless. The movie would have been far better with out them.

  • Aryeh

    This is cool and all, but I’d much rather see a mediocre movie-musical, like The Lorax (hint-hint), be redone as a stellar Broadway show. Frozen was great, but redoing it in a different medium probably wouldn’t make it any better.

  • Floyd Norman

    Aw, c’mon, you guys. Let it go!