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“Frozen” Wins the Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature

Frozen won the Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature tonight. The film was one of three nominees in the category alongside The Croods and Despicable Me 2.

Co-directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee accepted the award:

The winner of the Golden Globes animated feature category has gone on to win the Best Animated Feature Oscar five out of the last six years. The previous winners of the Golden Globes category are:

2012: Brave (Pixar)
2011: The Adventures of Tintin (Paramount/Nick Movies/Weta Digital)
2010: Toy Story 3 (Pixar)
2009: Up (Pixar)
2008: WALL-E (Pixar)
2007: Ratatouille (Pixar)
2006: Cars (Pixar)

  • Gideon

    Aw. Yiss.

  • Guest

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  • Good for them! Frozen was a solid movie.

  • al

    It’s really a shame an award to be given to such a bland and visually boring movie. I watched cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 the other day and I was really stunned by how lively and joyful the exaggerated technique used, was. What is worthy of an award in frozen is only the snow and nothing else.

    • Edgar Martins

      Ahah, u really have no ideia what you’re saying. Which is a cute thing, -innocent cute.

      • al

        It seems that this realistic approach doesn’t suits to 3D animation. It would be a lot better if the paperman technique was used. I was watching the movie and the only thing that I was thinking is how bad those plastic humanoids looked, something that never crossed my mind when I was watching Cloudy 2.
        It’s sad because in 10 years from now these movies will not be watchable, and definitely will not be considered such a visual treat as, for example, sleeping beauty is.
        It’s a shame this movie to be considered visually stunning because of some ice fractals and some magenta colored snow.

        • Martie

          Just because it’s a visual treat does not make it good. Sleeping Beauty was a horribly boring and misguided film whose best characters were shoved off in favor of the prince and princess, whose personalities never go as far as their titles.

          Cloudy and Frozen are literally rendered the exact same way. The character designs are just different. Frozen looks more like vinyl dolls and Cloudy has a muppets feel.

          But I’m sure you’re also the same person who complains “The concept art was better!” for literally every film and just hate anything CGI or modern, so there’s probably no point in trying to please you.

          • Delta

            Everyone is well aware of the fact that Sleeping Beauty lacks main character development and story. That’s why it didn’t do well when it came out. But the supporting characters worked because of their distinct personalities and the villain (Maleficent) was appealing. Sure, she didn’t have the best motivation, but maybe that’s why she’s remembered. I think the reason why people still watch Sleeping Beauty is because it’s artistically pleasing. It’s so different, so angular, like tapestry (the backgrounds especially). Heck, if it’s on TV, I’ll probably just sit down and watch it. Even if Aurora is, without a doubt, the blandest princess of them all.

            I haven’t seen Cloudy 2, but I have seen the first one. And I loved it. The animation was different, the caricatures, delightful. Story-crazy, but paced well. I don’t understand how you could say “The character designs are JUST different.” Character designs definitely will influence the feel for the characters and the entire film. For Cloudy, Flynn is depicted with a giant head but a noodly body, probably because he’s a brain but not fit. His father has his eyebrows covering up the eyes, which emphasizes his introverted personality. He’s also a little more hunched over. That pilot-doctor-comedian guy is small, a way to make him seem unimportant…but we all realize that he’s definitely not. Well, these are the ways I see them now, but interpretation is opened to anyone, so if you don’t think it’s appealing, then it’s just personal taste! :D

            I think where your comment ticked me off was when you implied that the user you were replying to didn’t like anything CGI or modern and will always root for concept art. I also think that Frozen is not timeless. The use of “totally” and “like” really threw me off at times. I remember thinking to myself when the ice was red and Elsa was worried: “Um…how is the ice red?” I never really got invested in any of the characters, and it’s weird that Elsa and Anna appear to have the exact same body types and face structures. That doesn’t mean the movie wasn’t enjoyable- it was. But is there a line that separates entertainment and great work of art? Is animation the perfect medium for it? I don’t know. It’s all subjective.

            So I guess what I’m trying to say is… everything is subjective. I can’t say you have poor taste, ’cause I don’t know you and art is an open area. I guess I like concept art better too and would like to see more 2D animation, but that doesn’t mean I hate CG. Some of my favorite animated films are CG! :)

          • al

            No one has said that junk food cant’t be delicious.
            But giving such an honor to a film like frozen is like a Mc burger being awarded as an exquisite plate.

          • ike

            So it all comes down to getting an award or not? Do you still believe that the quality of a film comes from the awards it has? Big news: it does not have any cause-effect relationship.

            What really worries me is that in your previous statement you might imply that NOBODY likes it, using arguments like ‘bad taste’ and ‘horrible color choices’. If that’s the case, you clearly have problems in distinguishing between the product itself and what you think about it. And if you love product A with all your soul and strength, you don’t have to bash against product B or C just because it’s not A.

            You can complain if you went to see it expecting something different. But writing something like ‘I don’t like Hitchcock movies because their main characters are not The Powerpuff Girls’ seems quite naive to me, don’t you think?

          • al

            Ok, I simply didn’t like either the story nor the visuals. I think that artistically would have been better if they had applied the Paperman technique or the Bolt’s approach whose backgrounds had a painted-like feeling.
            As for color choices…Yes, even Planes was better in this I think.
            The more realistic 3D wants to be the stiffer it gets.
            For example, emperor’s new groove might had worked in 3D, Pocahontas I don’t think it would.

            Sleeping beauty or 101 dalmatians will always look stunning no matter how much technology will be evolved.
            But Frozen?

    • ike

      I don’t know what the criteria is to give an award to a movie. I enjoyed ‘Cloudy 2’ a lot, and I pretty much agree with what you say on that. But saying ‘the only thing that deserves an award in Frozen in the snow’ is as exaggerated as the animation in ‘Cloudy 2’!

    • Strong Enough

      Cloudy is a bad film. the first one was great but the second one felt rushed

      • al

        This is true, but the visuals and the character designs were very fun and inventive. Especially that Steve Jobs knock off, his animation was hilarious.

        • Strong Enough

          character designs for the humans were terrible

  • Mike

    Hmm. I didn’t love Frozen but it was far better than the other nominees.

  • tedzey71

    Yeah… I don’t think “Frozen” needed to try hard to be the better film out of that lot. I would have thought Epic would have been nominated, but it seems like “Blue Sky” never gets that level of respect from the academy or the foreign press. On a whole, 2013 wasn’t that great of a year for animated features.

  • EscoDingo

    Yes! Frozen completely deserved it. Excellent movie all-around. Great story-telling, visuals, and music. Definitely one of Disney’s finest, and I’m sure it will pull in some Oscars in the coming months.

  • fbt

    Congratulations! even though I didn’t like the story it was still visually stunning. I only hope that someday a 2-D animated feature is included to that list…

  • jade

    The croods is outstanding animation frozen has an awesome story and music but this isn’t disney constantly pays people off etc. it should go to the most deserving in movie as whole hopefully the Annie (oscars for animation) will show the true colors! But with that said at least the gloves nominated the 3 best as opposed to throwing in a useless unheard of movie.

  • Ad

    I’m saddened to see a film with such a dismally poor story win this award.

    • Fbt

      Same here, I don’t want to be mean or offend anyone but it’s like everyone was too blinded by the amazing visuals to notice how terrible the story was.

      • Sinornithosaurus Millenii

        Isn’t that true for all films? All films have flaws, yet many times we are captivated by the narrative, visuals, or characters, to the point we often don’t see the flaws.

        Of course, some people may be more captivated by certain elements than others, for whatever reason, to the point they barely even notice those flaws.

        • being captivated by story and characters, despite bad visuals. sure.

          being captivated by visuals, despite lack of character development or story…..pretty hollow.

          • Chris J.

            Care to explain this, or point me towards a post that lists specifically why Frozen was so lacking in story? I keep hearing this from people critical of the film, but I’ve yet to read a breakdown of exactly what the story problems with Frozen were.

          • GabzGirl

            Same here! It wasn’t perfect but Frozen had a far better story than films like Cloudy 2. Seriously why do so many people here like that one? =/

          • anon

   here is a pretty in-depth review of the film and the problems the story had

          • Ad

            This really highlights everything I found problematic with the film and more. Thanks anon ;)
            Additionally, I had so many more questions, like, why couldn’t Elsa remember creating Olaf just hours after creating him?

          • FeelTrain

            She does, she is just amazed at her potential, knowing that her powers could do more than shape ice and cause misfortune, but it can bring about life and a degree of warmth.

          • Anton

            let me know when these guys have made a movie……

          • Sinornithosaurus Millenii

            Why do you think How to Train You Dragon is so popular? :P

            Also, Frozen did have some pretty good character development, but the story was lacking.

      • TheLonelyFrog

        I actually really liked the story. Yeah, some parts felt rushed (beginning and ending, mostly), but I found the character struggles engaging and loved the characters themselves. Not to mention there was actually something of a surprising twist. It’s really more than I can say for most animated movies I’ve seen.

      • Cascade-Wvera

        Wow. Great way of not insulting people…

      • Anonymous

        Okay, so where am I not offended?

    • Chocolate

      Not to mention the errors in the movie. Example: Elsa should have used her hand with her GLOVE on instead of her bare hand which revealed her icy powers. But for the record, Disney failed to make her NOTICE that she used the wrong hand.

      • TheLonelyFrog

        I’m not really sure what you mean? Her gesture was a reactionary, a product of her frustration. Somewhat careless, but she wasn’t exactly in control at that point.

        • Chocolate

          What about an act of true love? They could have told that to young Elsa, so that she would get an idea.

      • Darkside_Hero

        Elsa left handed…

      • Cascade-Wvera

        That’s a pretty ridiculous error. What, while her sister is pressuring her, you expect Elsa to think about which hand she should use?

  • Inkan1969

    So the Golden Globes didn’t have any wide release nominees like “The Wind Rises” or “Ernest and Celestine”?

    • Inkan1969

      I should say “non-wide release”.

      All three of the nominees were good. I’d lean more towards “The Croods” because of its darker, more dramatic premise. But it’s a shame to restrict the noms to just wide releases.

    • Strong Enough

      wind rises was nominated for best foreign film

      • Inkan1969

        I guess it didn’t win, though?

        • Strong Enough

          no. The great beauty did. but then again an animated movie being in that category instead of animation is pretty unique

  • Lucky Jim

    Too bad the Golden Globes isn’t a real award.

    All joking aside it’s still really cool that “Frozen” won as I believe this is the first time Walt Disney Animation Studios has been awarded since the category’s creation.

  • Cheese

    I believe that the reason why Disney’s “Frozen” won the award for Best Animated Picture at this year’s Golden Globe Awards, because…

    Option 1: Disney and Pixar’s “Monsters University” DID NOT register for the Golden Globe nomination for Best Animated Picture, or

    Option 2: Disney and Pixar’s “Monsters University” got SNUBBED at the Golden Globe nomination for Best Animated Picture.

    Question for Option 1: Really? I guess Pixar’s giving WDAS a chance since they almost won for “Wreck-it Ralph.”

    Question for Option 2: If Disney and Pixar’s “Monsters University” got snubbed at the Golden Globe nomination for Best Animated Picture, then why did it receive the nomination for Best Animated Picture at the Critic’s Choice Award, Produces Guild Award, Annie Awards, and BAFTA (maybe the Oscars which is yet to be determined)? For example: in the 2012 Golden Globe Awards (69th Annual Golden Globe Awards), “The Adventures of Tintin,” Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson’s very first motion capture animated feature, won the award for Best Animated Picture, but got snubbed at the 2012 Oscars despite the BAFTA nomination.

  • George Comerci

    Missed the golden globes, but I’m so happy Frozen won!!!

  • Andrew Bartell

    American animation is dead. I’d like a movie we haven’t mentioned yet because it’s an anime, Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebellion, to get nominated/win instead, but I know that won’t happen.

    Miyazaki is so overrated and I haven’t seen Frozen yet but even if it’s a genuinely good film I’m still sick and tired of Disney/Pixar ALWAYS taking home the gold. The CGI maybe pretty and all but that has nothing to do with the actual quality of the film’s content itself

    Let me quote someone now who none of you will have ever heard of because he’s an anime director who does not work for Ghibli.

    “There are some things about the human body CG can never replace.”

    -Kunihiko Ikuhara, director, Sailor Moon, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Mawaru-Penguindrum

    Hollywood is dead to me until I end up working there (which I want to in the future). If we don’t take off our nostalgia goggles or realize that expanding interests and varieties in various mediums is a GOOD thing, then our society will never be able to make entertainment that truly matters. But that’s my opinion and I’m just a jaded teenage pop culture and anime nerd to all of you. That’s fine, glad I was able to say what was on my mind anyway.

    • Delta

      I believe that if something is “overrated” it must be questioned where the appeal is. Miyazaki’s work is unique, has slow scenes, tackles environmental issues, etc… I don’t know- I don’t care if you don’t like his work, but “overrated” is just a weird word to use. It’s personal taste, at least, that’s how I see it.

      Secondly, I think some people know about other Japanese studios and directors. There’s Satoshi Kon, Mamoru Hosoda, Trigger, Bones, etc… There are more anime fans out there! :D

      That being said, I do agree with what you’re getting at. We need to have more variety. I ask myself: “So other animated movies are coming out in France, Japan, and other countries… but why do these foreign films always have limited releases or none at all?

  • Cascade-Wvera

    The 2006 winner was Happy Feet.