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Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Does First-Ever Disney Park Meet-&-Greet

As regular readers of this site know, Oswald is very popular in Japan. That’s why today in Japan, a new Oswald costumed character began doing meet-and-greets at Tokyo DisneySea. The character, which had originally been created by Walt Disney, was acquired by the Walt Disney Company in a much-ballyhooed 2006 deal with NBC Universal. Here’s some video of Oswald:

(hat tip, Michael Ruocco)

  • Amy Condit

    So glad to hear this! Can’t wait until Oswald appears at CA Adventure/Disneyland so I can die from happiness upon meeting him! :D

  • Max C.

    Well, I picked a good time to go to Japan.

  • top_cat_james

    Love it. Now all they need is a Charles Mintz character to come drag him away at closing time.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Ha-ha! Good one!

  • rnenno

    I get that, but even objects painted to look cartoony are real, and how they move in relationship to the camera’s movements would still look real. These don’t. There is something off about this…

    • otterhead

      Nah. I’ve seen photos of the Oswald photo spot with nobody in it, and it looks just like this. No trick. It’s just a real environment that’s proportioned and painted to look toony. It’s a sunny day with crisp shadows. That’s all.

    • Brittany

      Those weird camera movements can happen as a result of a video filter that is supposed to reduce shakiness, but yeah, as much as I hope it’s real, things do look just a little too perfect, and I’m not sure someone can really move as fast as this oswald does but maybe…

      • Funkybat

        It could be some kind of frame doubling, akin to the auto-converting 120fps setting a lot of LCD TVs have. It horrifies me almost as much as the Uncanny Valley. You put on a 24fps film and suddenly it looks like a too-real videogame.

  • Very impressed by both the Oswald costume and the person inside it! Those full-body costumes are very tough to act in (I should know- I had a job doing that for a fall festival).