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Cartoon Network’s 2014-’15 Lineup Includes The Fantasy Mini-Series ‘Over The Garden Wall’

The Cartoon Network upfronts took place yesterday and the now Stu Snyder-free network presented its slate of upcoming shows for the 2014-’15 season to their advertising and promotional partners.

Among returning favorites like Uncle Grandpa and Steven Universe are the new shows Clarence by Skyler Page and Daniel Chong’s We Bare Bears (below), as well as the foreign imports, Numb Chucks and Beyraiderz, which hail from Canada and Japan respectively, and new renditions of franchises like LEGO, Sonic the Hedgehog and Total Drama Island.

And while Cartoon Network is hyping new digital “user experiences”—Always On, which is a cross-device programming platform, and Cartoon Network Anything, a “micro-network” that streams 15-second bits of content to mobile devices—it’s the news of their upcoming mini-series Over the Garden Wall (top) that is probably the most progressive announcement in the new lineup.

Over The Garden Wall is a fantasy mini-series that was spun out of the pilot Tome of the Unknown, which was created by Pat McHale in the Cartoon Network Studios shorts program, and it will run for ten-episodes beginning this fall. It’s this sort of self-contained event programming that Cartoon Network should explore more often, as it not only gives creators an opportunity to tell a finite, whole story but also, viewers won’t feel shortchanged if/when the series is unexpectedly not renewed for another season.

Also in the mix—as to be expected—are the re-re-revivals of the Scooby-Doo, Bugs Bunny and Tom and Jerry franchises, complete with their own obligatory modern “twists.”

Here ist the complete line-up:

New Original and Acquired Programming:

Over The Garden Wall
Cartoon Network’s first event mini-series, an animated comedy/fantasy story about two brothers, Wirt and Greg, who are trapped in a mysterious world. In this ten-part mini-series, Wirt and Greg must travel across this strange land until they find their way home, aided by a wise old Woodsman who gives them directions and a bluebird named Beatrice. Music plays an important role in the series with a soundtrack full of Americana-influenced original songs. Over The Garden Wall is created by Pat McHale and produced by Cartoon Network Studios.

From creator Skyler Page and premiering Monday, April 14 at 7 p.m., Clarence is a new, original animated series about an optimistic boy who wants to do everything. Because everything is amazing! Clarence was conceived as part of the prolific shorts development program at Cartoon Network Studios, which has resulted in six original series for the network: Regular Show, Uncle Grandpa, Steven Universe, Clarence, Over the Garden Wall and We Bare Bears.

We Bare Bears
We Bare Bears is a comedy about three bear siblings, named Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear. Each episode follows their awkward attempts at assimilating into human society, whether they’re looking for food, trying to make human friends, or scheming to become internet famous. Whatever the situation, it’s obvious that being a bear in the civilized, modern world is tough—but at least they have each other. Created by Annie Award-winner Daniel Chong (Toy Story of Terror!), We Bare Bears is produced by Cartoon Network Studios.

The Tom and Jerry Show
The iconic cat and mouse rivals are back in The Tom and Jerry Show, a new, fresh take on the classic series. Preserving the look, characters and sensibility of the original, the all-new series shines a brightly colored, high-definition lens on the madcap slapstick and never-ending battle that has made Tom and Jerry two of the most beloved characters of all time. The Tom and Jerry Show is produced by Warner Bros. Animation and will premiere Wednesday, April 9 at 5:30 p.m.
Be Cool Scooby-Doo!

Be Cool Scooby-Doo! is an all-new 22-minute animated comedy series from Warner Bros. Animation. The Scooby gang is back with a modern comedic twist on the beloved classic. With high school over and one last summer to live it up, the gang hits the road in the Mystery Machine, chasing fun and adventure. But monsters and mayhem keep getting in the way.

Wabbit—A Looney Tunes Production
The hilarious, heroic and mischievous Bugs Bunny you love is back! From Warner Bros. Animation, Bugs stars in an all-new series consisting of comedic shorts that find the iconic carrot-loving rabbit matching wits against (and getting the best of) classic characters like Yosemite Sam and Wile E. Coyote. Along the way, Bugs will encounter brand-new foes…and he’ll have some help from new friends like Bigfoot and Squeaks the squirrel.

LEGO NINJAGO: Masters of Spinjitzu
Continuing its robust partnership with The LEGO Group, Cartoon Network will re-introduce viewers to the awesome world of NINJAGO: Masters of Spinjitzu with six new half-hour animated specials in 2014, followed by all-new episodes of the highly popular series slated for 2015.

Sonic Boom
Sonic the Hedgehog has been one of the world’s biggest gaming icons for over 20 years and this year a new branch of the Sonic universe debuts, entitled Sonic Boom™. With a new look for Sonic and friends, the franchise’s first-ever CG animated television series, an action-packed comedy adventure, will premiere on Cartoon Network with support from an extensive video game release of the same name. The Sonic Boom television series, coproduced by SEGA® of America, Inc. and OuiDO! Productions, will debut on Cartoon Network in the 2014/2015 season.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island
All-new island! All-new cast! Same old disregard for human safety! The Total Drama series returns as Chris and Chef put the newest generation of contestants through the craziest challenges yet—all for a chance to win one million dollars! Total Drama Island is produced by Fresh TV Inc.

Numb Chucks
Woodchuck brothers Dilweed and Fungus didn’t always see themselves as mystical Kung Fu saviors until they stumbled upon an infomercial featuring mega legend Woodchuck Morris’ mullet-fueled motivational kung-fu video “The Way of the Chuck!” With an endless supply of confidence but a limited supply of brain cells, and countless hours of watching the video, this dimwitted duo transmorph-ified into THE NUMB CHUCKS!

Sho, Jin and Leon find themselves trapped on a strange world once defended by the Six Mythic Beasts who upheld justice and brought prosperity for all through the battling BeyRaiderz tournaments. When the Beasts mysteriously disappeared, the world fell into ruin, and now it’s up to Sho and his friends to uncover the hidden BeyRaiderz stadiums, to battle to bring the Beasts back and restore prosperity to the world!

Original “Always On” Programming for Cartoon Network Multiple Digital Platforms:

Angelo Rules (Season 2)
For a kid, life can be a daily battle. There are adults, siblings, teachers and rivals telling them what to do, what not to do, what to say… Well, it’s time for kids to take control and Angelo’s here to show the way! He observes and then comes up with elaborate strategies to wheedle, sweet-talk, con, and work around any adversary. Season two of this new series comes from TeamTo and Cake Entertainment.

Framed for a major prank and punished with a full year of detention, high schooler Lee Ping sneaks out of detention to try to expose who was really behind the prank and avoid being caught by the school’s principal Barrage. After clearing his name, Lee again attempts to sneak out of Barrage’s upgraded detention room, discovering that a strange pyramid under the school has something to do with Lee’s key, the parents council and the blue tazwurms. There is more to the school than meets the eye! Created by animators Daniel Bryan Franklin & Charles Johnston, Detentionaire is distributed by Nelvana.

Rocket Jo
Rocket Jo is an inventor-adventurer: his unique goal is to get his jet-pack to function and send him flying in the air for good…without effect. But his valiant attempts are always a false dawn to viewers’ great delight, as there always are failures, gags, explosions, falls, etc. Produced by Millimages and 2D3D, Rocket Jo works hard, drawing upon all his imagination, to make viewers laugh, both children and parents.

Returning Series:
Adventure Time
The Amazing World of Gumball
Ben 10 Omniverse
Johnny Test
Legends of Chima
Pokemon the Series: XY
Regular Show
Steven Universe
Teen Titans GO!
Tenkai Knights
Uncle Grandpa

  • Let’s take a moment to appreciate that this announcement has no trace of live action at all. No reality shows, no hour long dramas, no Hall of Game, nothing. That alone is a victory in itself.

    Having said that, I’m looking forward the most to Over The Garden Wall, Clarence, Sonic Boom, and the Wabbit (which, mind you, was announced not too long after the cancellation of The Looney Tunes Show and sounds like it’s going to be far less sitcomish.) I might even check out We Bare Bears and the Scooby show out of curiosity.

    Did I mention there’s no live action?

    • Gio32k

      Here here! It’s a flipping miracle! It’s about time cartoon network got their act together. Though I kinda wished Total Drama Island would be laid to rest.

    • Chänz Mikkael Høris

      well put. I began worrying about CN with the introduction of “Incredible Crew”. I hope some executive got fired for that mistake.

      • Animator606432

        That show is done. Not even given a second season.

        • Carson Maitland – Smith

          Is that Wabbit series a Looney Tunes with Bugs Bunny as the main character.

      • xalener

        He was!

  • truteal

    -We Bare Bears could be alright
    -Be Cool Scooby Doo has a tough act to follow (but I found the animated bismuth feh) the same with Wabbit
    -Tom and Jerry Tales just didn’t have the charm of the original, maybe the next one will.
    -Numb Chucks looks fun (but I have a high tolerance for Adobe Flash from the Great White North) it reminds of a very poor man’s Angry Beavers
    -Couldn’t care less about the rest

  • Kyle_Maloney

    Cautiously optimistic about Wabbit. Anyone got any obscure blogs with early concept art or anything? I’m dying to see more. At least all of bugs’ face would be nice.

    • me too I’m in love with the art style!

    • Roberto Severino

      She is quite an incredible talent! I don’t care what the naysayers have to say.

    • John Smith

      Pathetic, I prefer the original designs, they are a lot more cuter.

  • supers

    Teen Titans GO! is the only DC superhero property in the line-up.
    Young Justice: Invasion, Young Justice, Beware the Batman, Green Lantern: TAS, Batman – Brave and the Bold, Teen Titan, JLU, JL, Superman:TAS, Batman:TAS have all led up to this.
    That is a pretty sad DC Nation.

    • IJK

      A lot of people, myself included, like Teen Titans Go. In terms of ratings, it’s up there with the other popular shows on CN.

      So I guess your sad is millions of people’s happy.

      Plus, there were far, FAR more action-oriented DC shows than comedy. It’s fine to take a break once in awhile, not everything needs to be a Bruce Timm or Paul Dini product.

      • Mostafizur Rahman

        “MAD skits” for me tend to be a hit or miss.

        On a serious note, DC Nation would’ve worked benefited from an hour or so of all it’s shorts with Teen Titans Go having best utilized as one of it’s segments. That would potentially garner even more viewers than the 1-2 million this show, alone, gets.

        You’d have comedy for the most part
        and action-oriented/story-driven snippets on occasion.

      • jonhanson

        The problem isn’t so much that people don’t want to see a DC comedy, it’s that DC cartoons have traditionally offered the main action alternative to traditional CN comedy fare.

      • Lisa

        TTGO is given a prime time, time slot, lots of promo, and no unexplained, random, frequent hiatuses. That’s why it’s ratings are among the networks highest. People need to stop pretending that TTGO is somehow better because of the ratings. Had YJ and GLTAS aired on Tuesday night during prime time and been promoted half as well as CN comedies, then the ratings would have been just as high. Ratings for YJ and GL weren’t even bad. Those shows did well on Saturday morning and maintained an average of 2M viewers an episode, despite CNs shoddy treatment of those programs.

        • IcyTea

          Again it was Warner Bros. canning those shows, they want money, CN somewhat backs them up but what can they do? They technically don’t own the Warner Bros. cartoons.

    • Mond

      This seems like a biased look on this extremely promising new lineup. Must everything be from one of two superhero powerhouses these days? I’m a fan myself but I don’t think it’s something to dwell on, especially considering the frequent DC animated TV movies coupled with the domination of CG superheroes on the big screen. Let some original fantasy and comedy flourish.

    • Gabrielle Willis

      It really is a shame, because these shows were so good and it’s not like the WB will take them. Young Justice was their best show while it was out, but once again it was cancelled- I’m sure it had something to do with lack of manufactured products- and left with an open ending.

      This is the sad, but true fate on CN shows that just fail to stick with mainstream audiences. It’s things like these that lead the channel to get rid of the best shows and blocks that really made CN everything it was: the Toonami block, Tartakovski/McCracken shows (cough Symbionic Titan, cough), Boomerang shows, heck even Star Wars installments. If they were still alive, I’m sure Hanna-Barbera would be disappointed.

  • Max C.

    Looking at its promo, I’m not too big on this new Tom and Jerry show’s Flash animation, but this storyboard does deliver some promise: http://vimeo.com/80916293

    • Kyle_Maloney


    • cckrad

      why do they have to ruin these with talking? it doesn’t seem necessary at all. just annoying and not funny-it takes all the charm out of it for me.

    • jhalpernkitcat

      Despite the talking mouse friend–this actually wasn’t that bad. The premise was kind of cute and they certainly use the music perfectly for the situations.

  • jpwendell

    Yay, Gumball is returning!

    • Carson Maitland – Smith

      How many cartoons will Tom and Jerry’s new TV series gonna air.

  • Steven Bowser

    So many cartoons! Not all of them looks like animated gold, but they are all animated, so that’s good.
    And many of these actually look interesting.

  • SarahJesness

    Eh, can’t say the new shows sound all that interesting to me, but as usual, I’ll have to see more of the stuff before making any concrete judgements.

  • ChuckDEEZY

    Nice to hear live action will not be a problem for CN from here on out. But looking at these line-ups seems like a hit-and-miss. Be Cool Scooby Doo could have easily been a revival of Mystery Inc. which was never concluded I believe but I’m optimistic more the same. Wabbit, eh. I actually finished the 1st season of Detentionaire, glad it caught CN’s attention. Clarence looks boring. Did Super Lake Plaza Turbo get cut for this?

    • Alan_Gabriel

      Actually Mystery Inc. had a pretty good second season conclusion.

  • James Fox

    Let’s sum this up: CN screwed over Nelvana
    over their deal on Scaredy Squirrel (CN ordered 3 seasons in advance of
    those that were made for YTV), cancelled MAD, another friggin’ Scooby
    show, another fugg’n Total Drama show (spoiler alert: NOBODY LIKES TOTAL DRAMA!), Johnny Test (the worst of
    imported animation) is renewed and Bugs Bunny is back

    • I wish there were more Mystery Incorporated episodes :( but I’ll check the new Scooby Doo just because I love Scooby Doo

  • tofucakes

    When I caught a second sneak peek of Over the Garden Wall in CN’s “Next Generation of Animation” video, I had to find out the name of the show. I can’t wait! I’m also looking forward to We Bare Bears and more Steven Universe, of course!

  • Kelly G

    I can’t tell from all the descriptions but doesn’t look like there’s many leading ladies in the new announcement.

  • Alex Irish

    Why do they keep making these Tom and Jerry cartoons? Seriously, who does Warner Bros Animation think is the audience for them?

    • fbt

      Yes, they should stop making it because of course they can never make a better Tom & Jerry show than the classic and I can’t stand watching it since it really annoys me. My young siblings enjoy it a lot though.

      • IJK

        Honestly, I don’t even think the classics were that great. Tom & Jerry as a whole are just kind of predictable and boring shorts whose main appeal is the novelty of “This is was popular when mom and dad were kids!!” and not because the episodes themselves are interesting or funny.

        I have no idea what kids see in Tom & Jerry though and I’d really be interested in finding out why they are entertained by it when modern cartoons are just fleshed out so much better. Even comedies like Uncle Grandpa have more creative gags than T&J.

        • Jonathan Wilson

          I’m grateful you didn’t post this comment on YouTube or Imdb, because they would rip you apart!
          I’m a big fan of Tom & Jerry, but I understand why people like “Uncle Grandpa”, It’s a very fun and enjoyable series (I love the show as well). The reason why many people like Tom & Jerry is mostly the fact that they can get away with over-the-top violent imagery, which most folks claim is “missing” in today’s cartoons, that’s why many people praise it as a genius piece of slapstick comedy, while most folks criticize “Uncle Grandpa” for being it’s own thing (or better yet, a homage to the classics, al’a Tex Avery, R.Crumb, Dr.Seuss).
          Many people HATE this show and many modern cartoons in general for being lazy, uninspired, ridiculous or flat out stupid, or just trying way to hard to be funny. Almost everyone online has criticize the characters, the main plot, animation, art style, gags, and everything else you think of that’s already been criticize before.
          I think kids love Tom & Jerry because it’s simple and fun slapstick humor. it’s timeless and can be pass down. It may be repetitive, predictable, and boring at times, but so are the Road Runner and Coyote shorts and every other chase cartoon. But as you can see, many people don’t care about that, most people care about Quality, they see Tom & Jerry as a Quality series, while they see something like “Uncle Grandpa”, “Breadwinners”, etc… as the networks reaching at the bottom of the barrel for entertainment, there’re still regarded as “Classics” even if they become stale and boring, while the same people regard modern cartoons as “Crap” for trying to be it’s own thing…

    • Carson Maitland – Smith

      What’s the Intro for Be Cool Scooby Doo gonna be like.

  • Ben

    Oh man I’m not sure I can take another scooby doo, the last one was just so fucking good.

  • tredlow

    An original mini-series? That’s interesting. Also, We Bare Bears looks fun, and it’s cool that we’ll finally see Clarence again.

    I’m indifferent about the rest.

  • Alex Vvedensky

    Where did you get the pictures? I read the news yesterday on Animation Magazine and didn’t manage to find any more info on the net.

  • IBlock

    Oh look, a Looney Tunes show that is actually about the Looney Tunes. Thanks WB. Took a while. But thanks anyways. :)

  • …You do realize that all of this stuff was in production while — oh, forget it.

    • Googamp32

      Yes, yes I do. I’m just trying to bring a bit of optimism.

  • Ryoku240

    If this new Sonic cartoons akin to SATAM I’m all for it, should be interesting to see, inevitably it’ll make its way into youtube poops.

    This incarnation of Tom and Jerry seems to be emulating Norm McGarys Golden Book paintings, albeit more flat in color and less lively drawings. I thought that TnJ were sticking to direct to DVD films.

    Stay Cool Scooby Doo looks okay I guess, I see a bit of Spumco mimicry in the eyes, can’t say much based on one design.

    Wabbit has a nice title and its nice to see Bugs in a more normal color for him, but I’ll never warm up to Jessicas anatomy-less style. I already see Squeeks or whatever stealing the spotlight.

    But whatever results from the remakes I’m sure will be ranted on about over at youtube, and frankly I’d rather watch any of these so called “awful, series destroying childhood ruining” remakes than some whiney ad revenue jockey complain for 15 minutes straight.

    • IJK

      I feel like the Sonic cartoon will be more similar to Sonic X since that seemed to have a better run than any other cartoon, didn’t it?

      Based on the visual, it looks like it’s trying to feel as similar to the games as possible, which leads me to believe the dialogue and writing will be similar to some of the cutscenes in Generations and Lost World.

  • Y’enydjerr

    Over The Garden Wall looks good, I’m gonna check out. Clarece sounds boring, but maybe it will be funny.I think We Bare Bears isn’t gonna be good, but still interesting. The Tom and Jerry Show looks cool,and Be Cool Scooby-Doo looks worse than any other SD incarnation. Say no to LEGO ninjago, Sonic Boom, Total Drama and Numb Chuck.Beyraiderz maybe. Wabbit? sounds AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jhalpernkitcat

    Wabbit–finally they’re focusing on creating a Looney Tunes series centered around a bunch of shorts rather than one half hour plot or two episodes. I’m willing to give it a shot.

    Wish I could give the same optimism for that Tom and Jerry series, but truthfully with the exception of “The Karate Guard” and the Tom and Jerry Kids. (Yes, I had a soft spot for that show–Droopy and Dripple rocked) I really don’t find the modern renditions all that great–especially with the focus on other characters rather than just the cat and mouse, which take away from the fun and charm the original shorts had.

    Also, that is probably the ugliest looking Scooby Doo I’ve ever seen in my opinion. Why are his eyes so close together?

  • Dudlebug

    Thank god Uncle Grandpa is coming back. I just started watching it and I’m totally obsessed.

  • Ben Aron

    Wabbit looks like it’ll be true to Looney Tunes but adding new characters to add new dimension to Bugs Bunny. I’ve waited so long for something like this. Can’t wait!

  • Animator606432

    I’m curios to see what Nick’s future Line-up is. Cartoon Network has managed to do a complete 180 and made their network into something watchable again. Even Disney is realizing that Live Action shows are not nearly as profitable as they used to be and is creating more animation. Nick however…geez

    • Roberto Severino

      Yup. Nick is still trapped in this whole idea that they can have a whole network of nothing but SpongeBob, FOP and other Butch Hartman shows, CG Dreamworks shows and all sorts of bland and mediocre stuff based on franchises. I am not impressed with much of the new stuff that’s on the channel. It’s just so uninspired and stupid (Breadwinners, cough cough, no offense to anyone who likes that show). They used to be groundbreaking and innovative and now it’s come to this. They need new talent and faces to help them change their image and notorious reputation.

  • Karl Hungus

    The peak of the new Scooby Doo show has just started making the rounds here in LA and its quite abysmal. Its staffed by mostly former Phineas and Ferb folks and helmed by P&F director Zac Moncrief.
    Nothing new.
    Nothing creative.
    Nothing funny.

  • Carson Maitland – Smith

    Don’t Laurel and Hardy deserve a TV Series, And it wouldn’t kill anyone to make a series of The Three Stooges with trio themself making shorts including Moe Howard’s brothers Curly and Shemp, Without Joe’s Besser & DeRita.

  • Jacob

    Oh, they hired Borutski for Wabbit? Erm, I dunno if this show is gonna be like the classics since her designs are nothing related to the classic rendition of the Tunes. I want the classic looney tunes designs back more than her cheesy ones.

  • Matt

    The Looney Tunes show was stupid…. and they are making a Looney tunes cartoon using the same elements from the Looney Tunes show… screw that.

    For Borutski, her art is awesome in a way, but honestly her designs of the Looney Tunes just stink. The designs simply just makes the original Looney Tunes get stabbed in the back. I want the ORIGINAL original Looney Tunes back and the new Wabbit show would be more trustworthy ONLY if they have the original designs. Jessica’s designs still need to drop dead.

  • Phil Larson

    I HATED “The Looney Tunes Show” with a vengeance, and laughed while
    pointing when it finally died. That’s the ONLY time it ever made me
    laugh. Ha! :)

    I would consider it more like a show with a stoner
    type ambiance to its apparent structure with its insubstantial misuse of
    veteran cartoon characters and driftwood plot development per episode.
    if they were using a “sitcom style of humor,” they should’ve kept in
    mind not every sitcom on TV is any good, so why would THIS have been any
    different if they put such little effort in it? Especially given how
    the material they used was in many ways BELOW par compared by average
    sitcom standards.

    And no, they didn’t need to make adult content
    references similar to most standard sitcoms to be exactly as qualified,
    in case any would bring up, but they should NEVER have taken away
    everything that made these characters who they are: LOONEY TUNES!!

    not to take it seriously because it’s “intended for kids” is never an
    excuse for trying so little in case any chime in with that stupid common
    off-handed remark. That mindset is what enables for more substandard
    crap like THIS series and others like it to keep being formed by those
    hacks in charge digging entertainment down into a pit that could take
    years to realize it obviously shouldn’t be that way. That level of
    belittling thought and expectations already cost us more actively
    stimulating and profound franchises like “Young Justice,” “Spectacular
    Spiderman,” “Megas XLR,” “Motorcity,” “Sym-Biotic Titan,” or “Wolverine
    and the X-Men!” They ruined the chances for all those superior shows
    leaving room for horrid ones like “The Looney Tunes Show,” “Teen Titans
    GO!” “Sanjay and Craig,” “The Breadwinners,” “Rabbids Invasion,” and all
    those grotesque Marvel Animated shows “Ultimate Spiderman,” “Hulk and
    the agents of SMASH,” and “Avengers Assemble?!”

    Back to THIS
    trainwreck, the creators focused so much on showing off how modernized
    they were making these Looney Tune characters they resulted in taking
    everything that made each of them who they are!
    A fundamental mistake any creator worth his salt should never dare make FYI!!

    Lola into a bubble headed moron/stalker made her more creepy and
    frustrating. And that’s just annoying, not funny. The other characters
    didn’t fair any different becoming very boring with how they were
    integrated into the series.
    Bugs no longer put idiots in their place
    using his own set of tricky humor and essentially became the very thing
    he mocked as a carless homeowner in over his head; Daffy no longer had
    his old greedy nature coming up with a hair-brained scheme to get rich
    reduced to being only a public menace with the initiative of a dimwitted
    dog chasing its tail; Marvin the Martian never referenced anything
    relevant to Mars nor any questioning about him being a Martian living on
    Earth doing his trademark dorky anger thing; Taz is suddenly
    domesticated living as Bugs’s pet and doesn’t even spin anymore or go
    wild by the whims of his insatiable appetites; Foghorn Leghorn is a
    self-destructive mogul lacking both common sense or his own style of
    smart-ass tricks who would laugh at his own misfortune instead of others
    like his comic partner Barnyard Dog; Yosemite Sam was more of an
    obnoxious neighbor than being a gold digging pistol weilding criminal
    out to get rich or destroy Bugs guided by his wild temper; Sylvester and
    Tweety didn’t get an elaborate role for their feuding; Granny seemed
    like she had alzeihmers; Witch Hazel really had to be renamed Lezah
    sounding like a hip black woman? Elmer Fudd is a Weatherman, whom only
    makes cameo appearances now? And again, it was overkill turning Lola
    from being reliable to being a moron. Wile E. Coyote, Road Runner, and
    Porky were the only ones who kept true to who they’re supposed to be.
    The list goes on, but I’ve made my point
    This show should never have been attempted and we’re all much better off without it.

  • Kyle

    Well, what can I say about this!? “The Looney Tunes Show” was a dumb,
    boring, stupid, and disgraceful show, through and through. It should
    have kept all the major characters faithful to their classic designs and
    personalities, and its art style, animation, writing, and musical
    scoring should have respected those of the “Golden Age” Looney Tunes and
    Merrie Melodies shorts. But instead, “The Looney Tunes Show” gave us
    twisted and poorly (if not horribly) drawn reinterpretations of our
    animated friends of yesteryear (yeah yeah I know, Jessica Borutski was responsible for that, burn at the stake), idiotic plots that make absolutely no
    sense at all, horrid voices that show little respect for the classic
    character voice performances that the inimitable Mel Blanc and his
    colleagues gave us, and horrendous songs that were poorly scored and
    badly written!

    The new personalities given the characters on the
    show were just failed and flawed, for everyone: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck,
    Porky Pig, Yosemite Sam, Elmer Fudd, Marvin the Martian, Speedy
    Gonzales, Sylvester the Cat, Tweety Bird, the Tasmanian Devil, and all
    the others. Replacing the established character of “Melissa Duck” with
    the OC “Tina Russo” was completely unnecessary. Particularly infuriating
    to me was Yosemite Sam being portrayed as harassing Bugs and Daffy at
    their own home rather than plotting to destroy them as he was supposed
    to, Taz losing his viciousness and becoming a calmer, tamer house pet,
    and the once-monstrous Gossamer transforming from a menacing threat to a
    stupid “child” who sings as badly as young Justin Bieber. Not to
    mention, the new Lola was something worth hating; she should have just
    been portrayed as a modest version of her previous design (and I’m
    saying “modest” because 21st-century fiction, in my opinion, has somehow
    “over-sexualized” females to a level I can’t even begin to tolerate)!

    show was a COMPLETE disgrace to the classic Warner Bros. cartoon output
    from the 1940s and 1950s. It was not creative in any way, and it
    disrespected its heritage completely. It was a horrible, disappointing,
    and outright miserable program, and was NOTHING like what cartoons
    should be.

    Hopefully Wabbit will bring that god awful show to a shame.

  • devin

    i want them to bring back scooby doo mystery inc

  • Michael

    Let’s also remember the upcoming season is Christina Miller’s first full season at the helm as Cartoon Network’s president. This is just the beginning- there’s more to come.

  • Chris

    Wabbit? Why can’t they bring back the Original Looney Tunes?! This is stupid.
    It’s part of my childhood and since that awful Looney Tunes Show aired crushed it.

    I personally have no indication the new Wabbit show is gonna be
    decent, it’l probably be just another short-lived hit and miss sell out,
    like how the Looney Tunes Show was bad enough to brutally ruin the
    franchise since Loonatics Unleashed. (Even the eye-bleedingly designs
    Borutslut made)

    You know what really ticks me off about that show (outside of
    the jump-the-shark change of Lola Bunny)? Answer: The creators say that
    they changed many of the characters so they can “meet a new generation”.
    But here’s my question: If many of those characters were already good
    to begin with, why would they need to develop them? Heck, they’re not
    even developing them. They’re just making them stupid, annoying, or just
    plain unlikable. And looking at how they “developed” them just makes me
    feel like I was hearing all that “space between spaces” crap from
    “Crystal Skull”.

    If this is another hit and miss or just a PURE miss, I hope WB
    Animation can pull the sticks out of their rears and know what they
    really needed back.

    (I mean Beavis and Butthead had newer episodes on 2011 and had a
    hit because nothing changed about them, I honestly dunno why they can at
    least pull it off with the original Looney Tunes)