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‘Danger Mouse’ Reboot Set for 2015

Television execs seems to be stuck in a neverending nostalgia loop. In just the past week, reboots or spinoffs have been announced for The Lion King, The Magic School Bus, The Powerpuff Girls…and now, Danger Mouse. The iconic U.K. cartoon series, which was produced by British studio Cosgrove Hall from 1981 to 1992, is returning to the small screen next year with 52 eleven-minute episodes.

Brian Cosgrove, the show’s original co-creator will serve as a consultant on the reboot, which is being commissioned by CBBC and co-produced by Irish studio Boulder Media and FremantleMedia Kids & Family Entertainment, the latter of whom owns the character’s TV and licensing rights. The revival will be directed by Robert Cullen (The Amazing World of Gumball, Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends) and will employ a mixed-media approach to give the show “a distinct look and feel.”

“When I helped to create Danger Mouse I had no idea the show would be such a huge success both in the UK and overseas,” said Brian Cosgrove in a BBC press release. “I am delighted that a whole new generation will be introduced to his daring deeds and thrilled to be part of this new 21st century series. I can’t wait to find out what he’s been up to for the last 23 years.”

Danger Mouse’s memorable mailbox headquarters will be updated to reflect contemporary gadgetry, and notably, his signature eye patch will be replaced with an “i-patch” that will contain “multiple technological functions.”

  • StephaneDumas

    Interesting to see a Danger Mouse revival, I wonder if Duckula will also get a reboot as well?

    Maybe Canadian animation studios should be on the reboot bandwagon as well. Just imagine a reboot of the Raccoons and Rocket Robin Hood. ;-)

    • jhalpernkitcat

      I’ve been wondering about Count Duckula returning as well. Curiously enough, Count Duckula made his debut on Danger Mouse–as a villain. He was downright vampiric– and a huge ham who wanted to be a star. He also had a completely different voice with a stutter.

    • Leslie

      Or a reboot of ReBoot

      • BlueBoomPony

        Ha. Was talking about Reboot with a coworker a couple weeks ago. We couldn’t decide if a reboot should go for a hyper realistic style or deliberately cartoony. There’s arguments for both.

    • That would seem pretty easy if someone up there is willing to go ahead and make those shows reboots happen.

  • Dagan

    I was a HUGE fan of this as a kid when it ran on Nickelodeon (followed by those super-short ‘Bananaman’ episodes!)
    Kinda fun that they’re bringing this back, looking forward to it! :)

    • jhalpernkitcat

      Danger Mouse was one of my earliest Nickelodeon memories along with Count Duckula. Truthfully, I didn’t remember too much of it as I was probably only five at the time. Yet, you definitely don’t forget a cartoon with an eye patched white mouse secret agent, his diminutive, bespectacled sidekick and an evil toad who sounded like he had a frog in his throat. I re-watched some episodes online during my college years and enjoyed it immensely. It’s sort of like a British Rocky and Bullwinkle where everything is downright absurd, full of bad puns and absolutely amazing.

  • jhalpernkitcat

    As long as they retain the awesome dry wit and Penfold and DM still argue with one another like a married couple, and there is no toilet humor, I’m down with this. Danger Mouse is pretty awesome–so hopefully this revamp will be a successful one–much like Secret Secret Squirrel from Two Stupid Dogs.

    Also, they should totally keep the old theme song–it was downright amazing.

  • Karl Hungus

    Yeah, that “mixed media” approach is another way of stating that the show will now have limited Flash animation instead of the original show’s traditional 2D. Certainly a step back in terms of quality. A sample of Boulder’s animation capabilities is Disney XD’s “Randy Cunningham”…

    • Paul M

      Well it works OK for Gumball, so…

    • CB

      Flash’s limitations are decided by the skills of the studios and artists behind it nowadays. And judging by Boulder’s credit in a Titmouse Studio show with decent flash to impressive animation, I think it has a chance to have quality animation. The original show’s animation was limited due to a cheap budget hence limiting the animation and movement style they had to use for shows like these. So it’s technically not a step backwards according to the artists of the show.

  • Chris

    Reboots are bad for the culture, and humanity at large.

    • BlueBoomPony

      Piffle. Gotta judge things individually. I kind of liked the Thundercats reboot. Also: ponies!

      Do the Justice League series count as a Superfriends reboot?

  • James Fox

    $20 says this won’t come stateside (just like “Thunderbirds are Go”) because TV Execs think kids are stupid!

    • Steve Henderson

      The original series did very well in America, one of the first UK shows to break america. If that success will be duplicated in this century is yet to be seen.

      • Beamish Kinowerks

        The Nickelodeon of 2014 is not amenable to exporting shows from other countries, which is a shame, as they have pitifully little good original content now.

    • but I do hope it’s good

      £20 says this will be an antithesis of the original show, and end up trying to target that exact market of imaginary stupid kids.

    • EdT

      Unless they completely remove the bombs that exploded in every episode, they won’t show it in the US because it would be too scary.

  • Toonio

    The animation industry, one step forward, three step backwards.

    Geez, if all these reboots are counting on the nostalgia factor to sell to generation xers, let me tell you they are in for a big surprise.

    Else take a look at Shout factory and their many failures to sell dvds based on old franchises, and how they leave fans hanging when sales don’t meet expectations.

    Anywhoo, if the idea is to play on bleak ideas from the past, why not going for Batfink, Cool McCool or Super Chicken?

    However the real issue is not the franchise at hand, is the willingness to put the time and elbow grease to create funny stories and appealing characters in an industry where the talent pool is getting shallower by the day.

    • Henry Cabot Henhouse III


  • mick

    20 Drachmas says the ‘i-patch’ will annoy me for no good reason

  • Even though some of the time it’s through illegit means.

  • Ant G

    sigh…. cant wait till they reboot palaeolithic caveman paintings amirite? Those were the first signs of attempted animation, doesn’t get more nostalgic than that.

  • Cortoony

    Inspector Gadget is coming back with a new series as well

  • James Fox

    Nickelodeon picks up shows that only appeal to idiot children and pot smokers

  • James Fox

    Sadly i doubt The Foxbusters nor Avenger Penguins would appeal to Nick’s current audience of stoners and idiot children that think trash like Bradwinners and the current SpongeBob seasons are funny

  • hollyh58

    no specific date yet?