"Lucas Bros. Moving Co." will return to FXX in 2015. "Lucas Bros. Moving Co." will return to FXX in 2015.

FXX and ADHD Teaming Up to Launch Late-Night Animation Block

Encouraged by the rerun success of The Simpsons, Fox’s youth-oriented cabler FXX will launch a late-night animation block on January 22, 2015. The block will follow repeats of The Simpsons. A sneak peek is scheduled for January 1 at 12am.

The block will recycle content already created for Fox’s short-lived Animation Domination High-Def block including shows like Lucas Bros. Moving Co. (with eight unaired episodes), High School USA!, Axe Cop, and John C. Reilly and Ben Jones’s Stone Quackers. ADHD, created by former Adult Swim exec Nick Weidenfeld, has continued to maintain a presence on digital platforms like FoxADHD.com, even though it has been off TV since last June.

“We are insanely excited to partner with FXX and help them create a new block of programming for the network,” says Weidenfeld, a self-described “global thinker” who “takes advantage of the best parts of animation.” Weidenfeld continues: “I can’t think of a better home for our cartoons or a better way to launch the Lucas Bros. Moving Co. and Stone Quakers than after The Simpsons. 2015 is going to be an awesome year.”

FXX has committed to keep the ADHD block until summer 2015, and if it proves successful, they could commission original content. The block is part of a larger effort by FXX to expand its animation offerings, which also includes the recent acquisition of Archer reruns from its sister network FX.

(Thanks, Roberto Severino)

  • Jordan Johnson

    I’ve always wanted FX/FXX to have a whole animation-centered programming block. What good news!

  • Sad when ADHD didn’t last on Fox, though the position always seemed to me like it was just handed on a silver plate to Weidenfeld, I’m glad he took the privilege he has and focused it on animation and internet culture

  • Great Gabbo

    Would be great if FXX airs more older episodes from the first 10 years since it appears to show mostly episodes from the past 15 with exception of an occasional themed marathon (ie character specific, Tree House of Horrors, Christmas).

  • Great Gabbo

    It’s ironic that FXX will have an Adult Swim-esque block since they air Seth McFarlane programs and “Bob’s Burgers”. Maybe they’ll get rights to “Futurama” once the contract from Viacom expires.

  • Anon for reasons

    FYI Stone Quackers never aired on Fox, so it’s not recycled content per say. Let me just say that I think it’s one of ADHD’s strongest shows, I’m excited for it to finally be coming out.

  • Ryoku240

    What the heck is a “global thinker”?

    Hopefully Fox will keep this going longer than 2 weeks.

  • grainy

    Oh goodness! The globe is having a good, good day! Insanely awesome is right on the money and splendid I say!!!