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New “Wander Over Yonder” Extended Clip

Here’s a new extended clip from Craig McCracken’s upcoming TV series Wander Over Yonder, which will be previewed on Disney Channel this Friday, August 16, at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT.

  • EHH

    I am amazed by how expressive and loose the animation is.

  • Sauceman

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  • Roberto Severino

    I always liked how the more villainous characters in Craig McCracken cartoons could be very likable too. I like how they were able to get a lot of comedy into this scene. It reminds me a lot like how Mojo Jojo acted in The Powerpuff Girls.

  • Mike Scott

    I quite like that.

  • good mix of traditional and tween

    • EHH

      Tween? He isn’t going to school or being followed around by a laugh track.

    • ILDC

      Yeah, I don’t really understand either.

  • James Fox

    I sure hope Disney Channel won’t treat this as the Firefly of animation

    • Uso Ewin

      They certainly had good practice with Motorcity and Tron Uprising.

      • James Fox

        That was Disney XD, This is Disney Channel we’re talking about

      • Jason

        Yeah, but those shows aired on Disney XD (where animation dies), this show is airing on Disney Channel, so it will be treated much better.

  • jhalpernkitcat

    The villain’s name is apparently Lord Hater. That is insanely funny to me.
    Hater is giving me a bit of a Mojo Jojo vibe which is a good thing.

    • Yes, the villain does have a resemblance of Mojo Jojo, but I still like him. He has some flare of his own.

  • Nate

    Man, the music really kicks ass. It’s got that “menacing bad dude” vibe spot-on.

  • coolzone

    Eddie T. did this episode. all the awesome expressions are his. they got watered down a bit. But studios fear the rawness. one of the best working cartoonists in the industry today.

  • Joel

    I absolutely love the comedic pacing and timing in Craig McCracken’s cartoons. Wander’s perennially upbeat attitude and dialogue has endless potential to be gratingly annoying (i.e. post-2005 Spongebob and all its knockoffs), but just the right amount of restraint, pausing, and character kept me engaged and laughing all the way through. I’ll admit that I was just the tiniest bit annoyed by Wander by the end, but this was only a minute-and-two-thirds long clip and I still have astronomically high hopes for this show. I can’t wait! ^-^

  • mick

    You can make crappy tweening in toon boom. Is ignoring the tween option in toon boom somehow more acceptable than ignoring the option in flash?

    This clip could easily have been made in flash. This haughty attitude to flash is like hating america because Florida is too hot.

    • JenAdkins

      As someone who uses these both of these softwares a decent bit, I would say that yes, with effort this could have been made in Flash, but Toon Boom is definitely preferable. Using Flash can be a bit like hammering nails with a rolling pin. Don’t get me wrong, I use Flash all the time at work for things like banner ads, and I love it for the screwed up thing it is, but for 2d animation like this it just doesn’t cut it.

      • mick

        I think effort is the key word. I would say that toon boom requires effort too.

  • If it gets watched and is a success, it won’t have anything to do with the tweening or lack of tweening.

  • Paul G. Christoforos

    You know, I think I’m gonna watch it this fall. This show reminds me of Bob Jaques’ and Kelly Armstrong’s animation on Ren and Stimpy.

    I’ve just one little question: Can I download the video to my laptop so that I could study it frame-by-frame?

  • I love it. He seems just as annoying as Fred Fred Burger in this clip.

  • Doug

    I’ve seen four episodes of this show and absolutely love it — in fact, I’ll go so far as to say that I think it’s the best cartoon (and one of the best shows) that’s ever been on the Disney Channel. The animation is wonderfully fluid, the comic timing is terrific, the humor pretty sophisticated (but not over the heads of kids), the expressions hilarious . . . it’s loose, crazy, and delightful all around, like a cross between Bob Clampett’s and John Kricfalusi’s best stuff. I actually can picture it developing a cult following.