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PREVIEW: “Super Best Friends Forever” by Lauren Faust

Super Best Friends Forever

Watch this short clip from Super Best Friends Forever, the new project by Lauren Faust, creator of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Faust’s short series debuts tomorrow morning as part of Cartooon Network’s DC Nation block.

UPDATE: Here’s the whole short:

(via Super Punch)

  • Ardford Ray

    Bronies are so out. Friendies are where it’s at.

    • Jody Morgan

      “Friendies”. I like that. Can I be both?

      • Ardford Ray

        Sure you can mate.

  • Heh, “Friendies”. I like that. I think FIM fans should’ve be called that. These shorts look great from what I’ve seen; better than the actual shows they’re running inbetween of.

    Alas, the DC Nation block airs the same time new episodes of FIM are playing.

    • Jody Morgan

      Not anymore; the new MLP:FiM episodes have been shifted 3 hours later on Saturdays, to 1pm eastern time.

  • Scarabim

    I wish Lauren would return to the Ponies. The show has been hurt by her lack of involvement IMO.

    • Sarah J

      I think the show has been just fine. There are some changes but it’s as good as ever.

      • Scarabim

        I disagree. The characters now lack the camaraderie and strength of personality they once had. What a shame.

        As for this superhero thing…after seeing the clip, I’m not eager to see the rest of the show. Reminds me of “The Mighty Bee”. Bleah.

      • Huh, I actually consider the second season to be an improvement over the first. To me, the later episodes are much more hilarious (last week’s “It’s About Time” is probably my favorite episode ever).

        I do notice that, to alot of people, characters not as interacting much is a dealbreaker. I like this better, personally. Really makes them shine.

      • Scarabim

        Well, to me, the only way to really grasp a character’s personality is to observe how it interacts with other characters. Like with Rarity. By herself, she can come off as stuck-up and self-absorbed. But when she interacts with Spike or Fluttershy, we see a different side to her, one that’s more outgoing and caring. And by the way they react to her, we know that she’s one of the most beautiful ponies in Equestria (something we wouldn’t know otherwise, since the ponies all seem to be designed with the same level of appeal), and also a good friend.

        I will have to amend my previous statement, however. I just saw the “Dragon Quest” episode, and a lot of the old camaraderie was back in it, which made it one of the season’s best episodes for me. Plus, kickass dragons = win!

  • Looks fun. Very cute and charming.

    For those curious, Lauren Faust is now co-producer and story editor on Craig McCracken’s new show for Disney Channel, “Wander Over Yonder.”

    • That’s good to hear.
      I hope someday, she can get a cartoon based on her “Galaxy Girls” idea made.

    • wever

      Well, they’re married, so…

  • droosan

    Luv it Luv it Luv it..! ^_^

    I still kinda wish it were a full-length show in its own right .. but even as interstitials, SBFF still looks to be REALLY fun.

  • Geneva

    Super cute. I love the new Batgirl!

  • Justin Delbert

    Not that good of a sneak peak, but I’ll try to catch it tomorrow (even if it means recording it; I sleep til noon usually of Saturdays).

  • Sarah J

    I love it! After she took MLP, a pretty… lousy franchise and made it not only good but great, I’ll give anything she’s worked on a chance.

  • Mike Russo

    Well…this is better than pastel ponies I guess.

  • What I really like about this is that Tara Strong returns to voice Batgirl! :)

  • Albert

    DC nation needs to be more then a bunch of clips and Young Justice and Green Lantern. I mean seriously Young Justice stinks and Green Lantern has to be some of the worst CG ever. Why not make a green lantern cartoon using the same animation they used for Emerald Knights? Or how about we give Batman and Superman another try huh?

    Or make a Justice League like they did in the first season instead of that dumb second season and get rid of Young Justice? I mean everyone thought the comic stunk so why make a show? And please for the love of all that is good NO more Batman: Brave and the Bold.I am sick and tired of the clownish and attention wanting behavior that that Batman had. Or how about Captain Marvel or Wonder Woman or something?

    • Whofan

      There actually is a new Batman cartoon being developed: “The Batman strikes” I believe. It has Katana instead of Robin though (Katana’s a DC character frequently part of Batman’s team the Outsiders) and a more action-oriented version of Alfred.

      • Whofan

        Oops, it’s actually Beware The Batman.

  • Ermy

    Batgirl = Bubbles / Pinkie Pie
    Supergirl = Buttercup / Rainbow Dash
    Troia/Wonder Girl = Blossom / Rarity + Twilight Sparkle

  • [Comment removed by editors. Per our commenting guidelines, “Be considerate and respectful of others in the discussion. Defamatory, rude, or unnecessarily antagonistic comments will be deleted.”]

    • removed? sheesh… it wasnt that vulgar or something…

  • Jumpman

    Super Best Friends was… okay, I guess. Perhaps it was hyped too much, but there was nothing really humorous in the short. I know people were teasing Super Best Friends for being DC’s My Little Pony, but that’s how it felt when it came to the humor and characterizations. The short ended abruptly too, but perhaps we’ll see more of the story in the upcoming weeks.

    Out of the DC Nation shorts I’ve seen so far, Plastic Man has been the best.

  • Tak

    I wish there was a way for people to get enough money to develop good things, rather than simply propagate someone else’s lame franchises.

  • Keegan

    Why are they talking so fast? Terrible timing.

    It’s like everyone nowadays wants to appeal to the short-attention-span-demographic.

    • droosan

      Perhaps the DCN-enforced ‘one-minute’ run-time has something to do with that. ;)

      This first short packs a LOT of fun visuals into one minute, though! I’ve watched it several times, and I’m still picking-up some bits of business that I’d missed the first few times.

      But, then again, I have a short atten– Ooh! Burrrritos!

  • Crystal

    It’s cute, but aside from the initial post last November, how come this is the only one Cartoon Brew has given attention to? I liked the Plastic Man one as well (which I believe is an Andy Suriano project), and the Aardman one was cute (I’ve missed the other ones since, but they look promising).

    I think some err . . . annoying fans have caused Supergirl to become Hollywood Pudgy. >_<

    On a side note, REALLY looking forward to Wander Over Yonder (hope it's not Flash).

    • Samjoe

      Be sure to mention that, while Supergirl is kicking your a**.

    • Funkybat

      I for one welcome Supergirl’s new curvy build, way easier on the eyes than Wonder Girl’s.

      The short was cute, I look forward to seeing more. Of course, I tend to prefer 22 minute (or at least 7 minute) long cartoons, but for mini-sodes these could definitely work.

  • Tak

    “UPDATE: Here’s the whole short:”
    What short? That’s hardly even a morsel.
    I though DC actually gave people budgets to spruke their stuff…. *sigh*

    • Old Man Father Time

      …. I’d…. hate to break it to you…. but……………. that IS the length of these episodes! 1 minute and 15 seconds!

    • droosan

      .. not to mention the fact that the ‘1-minute’ time-slots allotted to SUPER-BFFs, PLASTIC MAN, etc essentially means that Cartoon Network runs one -less- commercial during the hour.

      Hey, more -actual- entertainment..! :-D

      • Tak

        I think when we get to the point where content is the same length of advertising (whatever length either of those may be) then I think we’ll have totally lost it. Time to turn off TV.

      • droosan

        Genndy Tartakovsky’s CLONE WARS started out as a series of ‘1-minute’ shorts, way back when — and look where that led: many hours of entertainment, and hundreds of artists employed in multiple countries.

      • Tak

        :-D thanks droosan, you’re helping to lighten my mood with your interesting facts & cheerful optimism. If only our hopes & wishes about the industry were more tangible than they currently seem. Oh well, just an excuse to work harder.

  • wever

    The “whole short” you have linked above is only a minute and a half and is clearly only the beginning of the story!

    • droosan

      The second ‘episode’ of SBFFs aired today — with a completely different (yet just as enjoyable) storyline. Looks like these are just gonna be ‘stand-alone’ vignettes.

  • Awesomely animated by Anna Gallaspy!!!!

  • Lauren has an amazing power as a writer. I saw the promo pics for this and I turned up my nose, like I do at most superhero stuff (yawn). Then I saw this clip, and I’m like… “Wow, this kicks ass!”. Now I’m even curious to see how Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls would look animated. Go Lauren!

  • Andrew

    Just as irritating as the ponies. Nicer to look atthough.

  • iseewhatyoudidthere

    I have to say it.

    The Rule 34 is going to be ridiculous.

    There, it’s been said.

    Anyways, I really love the idea of super-heroines as BFFs. Its going to be a hit.

  • HH

    It’s cute, I didn’t think it was really that funny, and I CERTAINLY wouldn’t watch it if it were a series. Give me Harley Quinn in a Dini written episode any day of the week, and that would be a 1000 times funnier.