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Superjail Interview


Cold Hard Flash has an interview with two of Superjail‘s co-creators Christy Karacas and Stephen Warbrick, as well as the show’s animation director Aaron Augenblick. Superjail premieres tonight on Adult Swim at 11:45 p, (ET/PT).

  • Tsimone Tse Tse

    Doesn’t the still posted looks as if it was lifted from one of those late ’70’s ViewMaster reels – same line & color scheme.

    The animation does have a “corner of the textbook” feel.
    Definitley kinetic

  • This interview is great! They’re doing a show for Adult Swim, and yet it’s clear they know their stuff. Of course, it’s Augenblick Studios, so I’d expect no less from them.

    I watched the first episode and the pilot on the Adult Swim website the other day. The animation on the Warden is very lively and fun to watch. The ending is a little creepy, but I thought it was funny.

    I think this show is too good for 11 minutes.

  • DanO

    I just hope that Adult Swim rewards them for their herculean effort. Many shows in their first season of production (and I’m sure this one is no exception) will go for broke to stand above the crowd, get a dedicated audience and wow the network. Kristy and Aaron explian that this was the case on “Superjail”.

    The only problem is that Adult Swim(and Cartoon Network at large) discount this entirely and always use their leverage. Meaning: they like the show… for the price they paid. When its time for the second season and the studio asks for a fair budget with raises for everyone who sacrificed long hour and effort to make the show , they don’t get a substantial increase at all. I remember this was the case related to me about the first season of Venture Brothers according to people I who worked on the first season. Hopefully the show will go on, because it looks incredible and its a refreshing departure from anything else on TV(*bravo Aaron, Kris & Stephen).

    Those guys need to be wary of the network shortchaning them and the team that put this together. The hours they put in show it needs a bigger budget, but the network may opt to cancel it no matter how good it is, or dangle more money in front of the creators only and persuade them to keep costs down by hiring a whole new team of young artists willing to put in ridiculous hours in hopes of a return down the road. Thats a tantalizing prospect that hardly ever comes to fruition.

    Whenever I see a show that is an immense labor of love where artists poured all of their effort into it, I am left in conflict. I’m glad they did it, but I hope they got/get paid for it.

  • Celia

    There are more drawings in 10 seconds of Superjail than there are in an entire episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Space Ghost, or those other crappy shows. Adult Swim fans might go into seizures when they see this high frame rate action!

  • Robert Schaad

    Watched it last night…frenetic! Violent! Colorful! Augenblick studio seems to be very diverse. Also, the design reminds me a little bit of the artwork of Savage Pencil/Sav X.

  • Awesome. Thanks for posting this link- I’m fascinated by the immense talent and dedication that goes into Superjail!

  • The first ep. was GREAT! :)

    I found the show really fun to watch. What’s more, you can totally
    tell the animators are having fun working on it!

    …AND the whole time I just kept asking myself;
    “How did they PLAN that sequence?!” -hahaha
    Amazin’ !!!

  • Pete

    I just watched the Superbar episode and loved it! Although, I couldn’t help but think the Warden somewhat resembled the kid from Adventure Time. Especially when he was asking Alice out on a date :)

  • This show is so awesome it almost makes me want to get cable.

  • Vajralarvae

    Im a huge animation fan/collector and this show is one of a kind. I will be buying the dvd as soon as it hits the shelf!! This would probably make an awesome video game too……….hmm……maybe….

  • Salvatore Lucania

    Anybody know where I can get Cheeseburger’s I’m Comin Home for a ring tone?

  • This reminds me of so many toons combined. I can’t get “AAAHH!! Real Monsters” out of my head. Great show, nice n bloody.

  • Elaina-Marie

    I used to love adult swim. However, the new shows felt so forced to be funny and out there that i started watching anything but adult swim. Of course, I still would flip to adult swim. Then there it was. Superjail! I couldn’t stop watching. I am a complete girly girl and this show is addictive. It’s so brutal! and i love it! I’ve gotten my boyfriend and a bunch of my girlfriends into it. Unfortunately, some still stick with sex and the city. SEASON TWO, COME OUT SOON!

    oh yeah and my favorite episode…

    of course: Ladies night.

    • insidejoke

      haha ladies love superjail! i also showed that episode to my girl and she got completely hooked