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“Titlee in Jugmugland”

Welcome to Jugmugland, a place that’s a thousand miles from Earth within a world of crayons. If that doesn’t make any sense, neither will the rest of Titlee in Jugmugland, which is a proposal for an animated series by Udaipur, India-based Eden Animation. Frankly, the only reason I clicked on the link was because of the lascivious title, but I got this instead:

  • cbat628

    I had to look up what “lascivious”… I am disappointed in that respect as well :(.

    Show looks alright though.

  • Oh God, what is up with the voice-actors voice!? That script they gave him was awful too. Just every, awful.

  • Titlee in Jugmugland”
    Heh, heh.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Only you can see through this!

  • Clint H

    Ummm….what did I just watch?

  • hash

    well thank god they cant outsource comedy

  • If only I owned a Network, I’d give this a green light. The movement, voices, design and editing choices are beyond belief.

  • To be honest, while I cringe a bit at this as an adult, I probably would have eaten this up when I was seven. I’d say it’s probably perfect for its target audience.

  • Joe

    “Don’t miss all the thrills, chills and spills” … What is this filthy show???

  • Lucy

    I… I know pitches are supposed to be forced, but that was like… Super-forced….

  • Timmyelliot

    It looks like it would make a better iPad game.

  • lola

    Watch the adventures of the lightly skinned kids vs the slightly darker skinned super villain!

    • iseewhatyoudidthere

      I checked the video to make sure you weren’t just saying stuff to say it, and sure enough you were right (although it was barely noticeable at first).

      Compared to the other kids is the villain a Black guy?

  • 2011 Adult

    ……… what is the concept for this? What led someone to think this up? I wouldn’t greenlight it- I know nothing about why this is a thing!

  • Scott B.

    Did anyone else bust a laff when the V.O. said, “Just keep an eye out for evil old Jompu and his wacky innovations” and the word “innovations” appeared next to him?

    • E. L. Kelly

      And “innovations” popped his balloons, too!

      This individual idea – kids having wacky adventures with a pet – is traditional, and could be livened up with any other elements you develop. (Johnny Test and Adventure Time both pair a simple boy and dog.) However, as 2011 Adult inferred, the problem’s in the presentation.
      This bright, simple kids’ ‘toon promises to be entertaining; so what? They all do! With such a basic premise, EDEN Animation’s going to have to whip out not just a commercial, but an entire episode of this show just to differentiate it from anything else. Annihilate the announcer’s copy – it’s gratingly buzz-wordy and desperate.
      In every other aspect, however, from visuals to sound, this is a right on-target show pitch. If they get that ONE intangible, catch-or-miss THING, they’ll have a premise I’d love.

  • Beyond ugly… looks OK for something made in flash circa 1997 though!

  • Grant Beaudette

    Aren’t shows created by the marketing department just adorable?

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I have to admit, the name of the girl kinda threw me a little, yet I couldn’t help but remind myself of the time Butt-Head mispronounced the name of a golf ball brand that way. :-P

    • snip2364

      Woah woah! One step at a time, there, horsie! Whew! A human can only take so much at one time!

  • Doug Nichols

    Whoa, hold on there. Not one, but TWO tons of fun?

  • Baron Lego

    I have a sneaking suspicion that this will be one of those concepts that promises unbridled creativity and imagination in the promo but ends up being completely dull and grounded once the show goes into production.

    “In this episode, the kids travel to Jugmugland- a crazy world where ANYTHING can happen- and… play a game of baseball! The same way they do on Earth! And be sure to stick around next time when the children help the talking elephant prepare his taxes!”

    • Ben

      LOL, yeah, that’s what it looked like. So…a world of crayons…where were they? And…so far from earth, but looks identical? Oh, and why does the villain who’s supposed to be an evil inventor with his wacky “innovations” look like a janitor? LOL, this show needs some serious rethinking. With the promise of being not like earth, it sure does seem pedestrian…

      • Baron Lego

        Not only does the evil scientist look like a janitor, but his design seems more “kindly grandfather” than “villainous inventor”…

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    It doesn’t look like it would be out of place in the Nick Jr. line-up. I get a Dora the Explorer vibe off of Titlee, who doubtless would undergo a name change. Otherwise, I think even the cricket game would survive any editorial tweaking for the American market.

  • Ok….that just made my DAY.

    for real…is that REAL??

  • Okay, Chris Parnell, we get the joke by now.

  • Jason H

    A few thousand miles from Earth seems really dangerous. Wouldn’t it be RIGHT next to the planet? Maybe that’s why the scientist is trying to destroy it so Earth isn’t destroyed by it’s conflicting orbit?

  • iseewhatyoudidthere

    It looks like any other cute show you would see on PBS. Kids should love it :)

  • Darn! I expected to see Ron Jeremy.

  • Michel Van

    super wild guess by my
    but can it be that at Udaipur, they having problem understand english ?