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Trailer for DreamWorks’ “Turbo: F.A.S.T.” Netflix Series

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again. That appears to be the DreamWorks motto for its property Turbo. After the film’s lackluster theatrical run (Antz and Flushed Away are the only DWA CGI feaures to gross less worldwide), Turbo will return next month as a TV series. Turbo: F.A.S.T. is part of DreamWorks’ massive content deal with Netflix and will be streamed exclusively online.

The series is produced by Titmouse Animation Studio, which also produced the recent car/racing-themed Disney XD series Motorcity. The translation from CG-to-Flash looks well done; perhaps drawings of racing snails will tickle the fancy of the viewing public in a way that fast CGI snails could not.

  • Crystal

    This show might turn out to be nothing special, but I’m hoping for the best with the same Motorcity crew. Although I don’t know what the chances are of the show having character development and serious scenes that Motorcity was so good at are . . .

    I have a Netflix account, so I’ll check it out. Wish we got an actual day in December for now.

    Also, this show was greenlit/in production before Turbo was released, so it’s not like Dreamworks knew whether or not Turbo would have been a box office hit. And the film was profitable (it made more than twice its budget).

  • Skip

    I realize that this is for kids, but the pitch is supposed to give you a feel for what you can expect from the show, and if you’re going to pitch the show with a fart joke, than I am expecting the show to be something that can’t hold my attention. Which is a shame because I liked the art direction.

  • Raygun Ace

    Honestly, Turbo wasn’t a bad movie. ESPECIALLY in comparison to most of what has come out this year. This trailer is charming. and taken for what it is, not half bad. No it’s not the highest brow “art” and no it’s not changing the game, but not everything has to. I would have been proud to work on Turbo just as I’d be proud to have worked on this show.

  • Paul M

    Ugh. Creatively bankrupt producers continue to regurgitate unlovable toons. Draw googly eyes on a turd, then watch the tykes squeal with delight and the money flows in, right?

    Netflix: if you want a cartoon that will draw viewers from the youth-adult demographic (as opposed to undiscriminating little ones being baby-sat by the TV), might I suggest you bankroll an action-adventure cartoon with a serialized story? In recent years CN has produced some excellent action cartoons which acquired a substantial following among the comic-con crowd – only to under publicize and eventually abandon them after a season or two, as with Young Justice or Sym-Bionic Titan. Both deserved at least a 4 or 5 season story arc, as originally intended. Look at how popular Avatar: the last Airbender remains – because it’s a great, 61 episode epic story.

    As a matter of fact, such a show from the past is coming back, now in pre-production: Reboot. Epic story, rousing action, built in fanbase. Need I say more?

  • Ant G

    Looks really promising!

  • Michael

    I loved the movie and so did my kids. Lets not forget that this show is for kids and I think they’ll enjoy it. I also think that with all the layoffs within the animation industry, at least a group were employed to produce this which is a good thing. I know my kids and I look forward to seeing it.

  • Dana B

    I may have to check this one out. I miss Motorcity that much :(

  • Tres Swygert

    The art direction doesn’t look bad here – though the action/racing scenes don’t seem as convincing as I would want them to be. At least the voices work with the characters here.

    If this and some other original animation content work on Netflix, I would love to see more transitions from cable tv to this format. Could bring back some more interesting creative content that’s missing on some network stations.

  • Roberto Severino

    I really like Titmouse’s output, so I’ll check this show when it comes out and see if everything else holds up. The art direction looks pretty good.

  • Ness

    Y’know, it doesn’t really seem so bad. But the voice-acting for the lead snail seems kind of lifeless.

  • Emily

    The art direction is really pretty.

  • Crystal

    At least this show looks like it has better production values than hulu’s original animated shows. I feel like much like HBO, Netflix COULD take more risks since people already pay for it (I kinda wish HBO would produce a more detailed/mature show again, much like they did with Spawn and Spicy City). I wonder if this show does well, if it could lead to more good things? I also wonder if we’re getting all the new episodes at once, like with Arrested Development or one a week.

    Also, even if were not getting more of it, I wish more people knew ABOUT Motorcity. Can’t people watch a cartoon they’ve never seen before even if it’s not in production.

  • Bob sagget

    let me help you out there, turbo: snail who likes going fast. It’s basically the ‘ballad of Ricky bobby’ of toons. There’s no deeper subtext. No real character development. And the excuse used is ‘its for kids’. Really? That’s a valid excuse? And that’s why Hollywood sees our medium as children’s fare… Did that help? Snail’d it.

  • Abel Sanchez

    That trailer looks more awesome than the entire movie.

    • Tim Silvers

      I haven’t seen the movie yet, but after watching this trailer I’m definitely going to try out the series when it hits Netflix.

  • Miles Thompson

    heard great things about this production, and from the looks of this they’re ALL TRUE !

  • SarahJesness

    Agreed. “Orange is the New Black” gave me a lot of optimism for the Netflix model for original shows. I’m really hoping it works for animation as well. Certain aspects of OITNB suggested to me that the Netflix model, or maybe just Netflix itself, is willing to take more risks. Too soon to say if that’s going to be the exception or the rule, but if it’s the rule, that means great stuff for new shows and animation.

  • SarahJesness

    Not my tastes, but it looks harmless enough, and I’m sure kids will like it. I’m hoping it succeeds, it could encourage Netflix to put out more animation.