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What’s Up, Ward Kimball?

I’ve received dozens of emails this week asking about the status of my Ward Kimball biography. Apparently, Amazon sent out emails to the hundreds, if not thousands, of people who had pre-ordered the book telling them it had been cancelled. To clear up any confusion about what is happening with the book, here are answers to the most common questions I’ve received:

1. Yes, Chronicle Books nixed the publication of my book.

2. Yes, it’s my opinion that Disney’s pressure caused Chronicle to kill the project.

3. Yes, I am amused by the Disney Company’s inept attempt to control the personal histories of its artists.

4. And most importantly, yes, Ward’s story will be told.

Stay tuned to Cartoon Brew for the latest developments.

Viva Ward Kimball!
  • We’re all rooting for you, Amid! Long live Kid Warmball.

  • Shazbot

    Well, this happens, unfortunately, and not just with DIsney. Jim Henson’s kids nixed a “warts-and-all” (get it?) biography of him written by Pulitzer-Prize-winning author Ron Powers. Seems it was a tad too truthful and didn’t make their daddy look too good. What a shame. I’d have read that book, just like I’d read YOUR book, Amid. (Bet it wasn’t nearly as explosive as the Henson book, though. I heard about bits and pieces of it. Hoo boy).

  • Thanks for the update!
    Maybe Bamboo Forest Publishing? They put out “offbeat” Disney books. aka – The Dark Side of Disney and the more recent book by Rolly Crump. Good luck!

  • 2 years waiting for nothing… can’t someone at Chronicle accidentally leak it for us?

  • Damn! I was really looking forward to this. Hopefully we get an alternative publishing approach or something so we can read this, even if it’s a digital only release. :) Don’t give up!

    • Noah Berkley

      I agree Steve. Go digital Amid or kickstarter the publication. Cut out the middleman and go straight to the source of my wallet!

      • Matthew Koh

        I find more comfortable reading with real paper rather than staining my eyes long at something digitally like an e-book.

        • I agree that a paper book is ideal. But if the case ends up being an e-book or nothing? Well then I’d rather have an e-book instead of having this story locked away forever.

      • CL

        Agreed – I’d get behind you on kickstarter in a flash.

  • julian


  • Bob

    Surely there is a way for the most determined to obtain a copy of the book?

  • You can tell how worthwhile something is by how much opposition there is to making it happen.

  • yahoo!

    I’m very much looking forward to your book Amid. Fight on! You’ve got our full support.

  • Garth

    Rooting for you and this book! The Henson Company did the same with a Jim Henson bio and so did Sesame Workshop with Jon Stone’s autobiography. Both were written and ready and then squashed and silenced by the corporations. Here’s hoping your book goes public!

  • MaskedManAICN

    Can we shoot a petition Chronicle’s way?

  • eman

    I have never met nor seen a perfect human being. Everyone is prone to faults and mistakes, and the vast majority of us really screw up at least once in life.
    People are far too eager to place successful men and women on thrones of perfection. To make it seem like there are people who simply do no wrong, like gods among men.
    I find it much more uplifting to know that great feats are achieved by true men, faults and all.

  • tom bancroft

    Thanks for the update and that is a heartbreaker for you and for us! I’m glad you are still pursuing it and look forward to picking it up when you have it all figured out. No one cares who the publisher is, so just find one that does quality stuff and you’ll sell just as many!

  • Well, that sucks. Don’t give up the fight!

  • Aaron B.

    Years ago, when I was interviewing for my current job, someone asked me about my work as an independent and freelance writer in children’s media (specifically, working with Disney). I parsed my words, eventually landing on “difficult,” but nobody could understand why. When I further explained the company’s control freak mentality and how it permeates their public relations efforts through and through, it took a while, but eventually, they got it. Step #1: Control the image. Step #2: Control the impression of the image. Step #3: Profit.

  • My guess: someone in their legal dept didn’t have a clue about what a “Ward Kimball” was but they noticed this “Amid Amidi” name on the cover was the same as the one on that blog that posted so many things they didn’t like over the years.

  • Toonio

    Just let me know what are we going to burn and I’ll bring the gas and the burgers!

  • shadypotential

    I think this is pretty disturbing to be honest. I mean this all sounds like a dark comedy on the level of Death to Smoochy. Disney is after all this time trying to stay this perfect heaven even derailing indie projects to keep its image clean. This totally spells out a plot for a dark comedy involving Ward and his time at Disney. Amid you and me will work on the script. Original Screenplay Oscar here we come…

    *rubs hands together devilishly*

  • Matt Jones

    Ward & Amid will prevail!

  • Larry Lauria

    Kimball was a one of a kind – the only person who worked for Walt Disney that he termed a genius. Ward always pushed the limits- and he was always getting into trouble. He was brilliant! I learned a lot from him!

  • Nik

    You could always publish it as an e-book or a print-on-demand paperback through Amazon. I suppose that without Disney’s blessings, it won’t have as much artwork?

  • mick

    I thought this would be the case which is why I started writing my own Ward Kimball biography some time back. It’s really not much cop but a biography on the shelf is worth two in the development stage (as my Uncle Buckle used to murmur)

  • Michael Sporn

    Digital is probably the only legal recourse you have until you can find another publisher willing to take on Disney. The only similar story I heard was when Mike Barrier was not allowed to publish the Warner Bros book he’d done – at their request – because there had been a change of administration at WB. I read it, and it was a GREAT animation book ready to come out in the early 80s. I’m sorry but I wish you only the best in getting it out there.Be stubborn.

  • BRAVO!

  • Pez

    What if you kickstart and self publish. there are plenty of those companies out there.

  • Pez

    here is a self publishing site my friend used http://www.iuniverse.com/

  • princecharming13

    The dream that you wish will come true, Amid! Keep pushing forward!!! I’m dying to read your book!!!!!!