“Africa Directo: Los Nadies” By Carlos Salgado “Africa Directo: Los Nadies” By Carlos Salgado

“Africa Directo: Los Nadies” By Carlos Salgado

Carlos Salgado, an illustrator, designer and director for Spanish production company User T38 sent us a note with a link to his beautifully stylized spot:

“I’ve been following Cartoon Brew for a long time and has been a web of reference and inspiration for my work. In the last year I’ve been directing and design 3 pieces of animation that will be seeing this year, the first of them (ironically the last one I made ​​but the first to be shown) is a 1 minute and 40 seconds long animation made ​​for an NGO (non governmental organization), África Directo (a humanitarian aid group), I invite you to see the animation we have done.”

Credits after the jump…

Client: África Directo
Agency: Sra. Rushmore
Creative team: Germán Jiménez & Elena Delgado
Agency Producer: Freelance For Free
Production Company: User T38
Director: Carlos Salgado
Executive Producer: Miguel Ángel Fernández
Character Design & Backgrounds: Carlos Salgado
2D Animators:Raúl Echegaray, Alberto Sanchez
Additional 2D Animators: Rubén Fernandez, Raúl Monge
3D artist: Alex Baqué
Composition: Ezequiel Bluvstein, Eloy Gazol, Roi Prada
Sound: Sonomedia
Music: José Battaglio
Poem: Eduardo Galeano