<em>Be a Nose!</em> directed by Lars Edwards <em>Be a Nose!</em> directed by Lars Edwards

Be a Nose! directed by Lars Edwards

NY-based animator Lars Edwards was recently commissioned by McSweeney’s Quarterly to create an animated trailer promoting the release of Art Spiegelman’s collection of sketchbooks, “Be A Nose!”. He came up with an eye-catching and distinctive piece of line animation, which can be seen below. Edward’s writes, “After finding a narrative theme in the mayhem of Be A Nose!‘s pages, I put together a small team of talented animators and we began recreating Art Spiegelman’s artwork. It was an amazing experience working with Art Spiegelman and McSweeney‘s on this project.” The animators on the project were Aaron Hawkins, Hanna Bliss, Brian Ellis, Jason Schwartz and Edwards.