“Rani Bonkeshwari” by Rohit Iyer

Rani Bonkeshwari

In the past few years, it’s been encouraging to see so much creative student animation coming out of countries like South Korea and India, places that were previously known only for turning out production artists for Western service work. Most of the work I see in festivals doesn’t turn up online, but 22-year-old Rohit Iyer, a senior animation student at NID (National Institute of Design) in Ahmedabad India, sent in a recent example of work that he created for MTV India and Kamasutra condoms during an internship at MTV last year. The spot, titled “Rani Bonkeshwari,” can be viewed HERE. Iyer offers a few background notes on the production:

“The script was written by an MTV writer named K.M. Ayappa. I did all the animation myself, starting from the designs and rough storyboard to final composite. The process comprised of creating artwork in Adobe Photoshop which was then animated and composited in Adobe After Effects. The whole spot took about a month to animate. The commercial has become quite popular here in India. It’s currently on air on the MTV India network.”