Sexy 1950s <em>Camay Soap</em> animated spots Sexy 1950s <em>Camay Soap</em> animated spots

Sexy 1950s Camay Soap animated spots

Who needs Viagra??? Just get a bar of Camay Soap!

Check out this set of five smokin’ hot animated spots from the 1950s that our friends at Something Weird Video just unearthed (first one embed below; then watch #2, #3, #4 and #5). The animators were not shy about letting us see the leading lady’s charms in the bath tub, and each commercial is packed with unsubtle Tex Avery-inspired “erection” double takes. Check them all out.

Inquiring minds want to know: who did them? What year? New York, L.A. or elsewhere? And for what market (Latin America? Europe?)? The credit to Technicolor on the main title might suggest these spots were intended to play movie theatres. Do any of our reader have any answers?

(Thanks, Joe Bacon)