Starlux Airlines hasn’t begun service yet, but the “detail-oriented luxury airline” has already launched its in-flight safety video, courtesy of Taipei, Taiwan-based vfx/animation shop Moonshine.

The four-and-a-half minute piece, entitled “Star Wonderers,” looks more like the trailer for a blockbuster cg film than an in-flight safety video, and that’s likely the point. There’s only so much one can do with an in-flight safety video, but this piece’s large cast of humans and intergalactic creatures and nicely detailed production may hold up to repeat viewings for the airline’s frequent fliers.

Starlux video.

“Star Wonderers” was developed with the agency Daikido Idea Collective and Fish Film Productions. It was reportedly in production for two years, cost NT30 million ($983,000 in U.S. dollars), and involved a production team of 100 people across Taiwan, Japan, and Hong Kong.

The airline has indicated that it intends to continue using the characters in the video as mascots and ambassadors for the airline.

Jeff [no last name provided] is credited as the director of the piece, Goosh Wang as animation director, and Triston Huang as cg supervisor. Dawn Chiu produced the piece.

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